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DJI Care (Phantom 3 Advanced)

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To provide you with a better user experience and worry-free flight, we are pleased to launch the DJI Care Protection Plan, a service plan that provides you with peace of mind, covering damage to your DJI aircraft, gimbal or camera sustained during normal use. Click to visit “DJI Care Official FAQ”.

If you are purchasing DJI Care separately for a previously purchased DJI product, DJI Care will be activated automatically within 24 hours. Your service agreement will be sent to you via email.

If you purchase DJI Care with a brand-new product, DJI Care will be valid automatically from two days after product shipment.

If you have purchased an activation card of DJI Care, click here to bind it to your aircraft.

If you have not already purchased the Phantom 3 Advanced, click here to complete your order and select “DJI Care” when prompted.

Want to purchase DJI Care, but your aircraft has been activated over 48 hours? Click here to learn how.

Osmo Shield 

Osmo Shield doubles the DJI Osmo warranty period and offers comprehensive coverage. Learn More

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This product is manufactured by SZ DJI Baiwang Technology Co., Ltd. affiliated with DJI Group.