The E5000 is a tuned propulsion system designed for use in industrial multirotor applications. It features M10 motors, 1280 FOC ESCs and 2880 propellers, together providing 10lbs (4.5kg) to 15lbs (7kg) per axis of rated load capacity. Combined with weather sealing, it is ideal for heavy loads in harsh environments.

E5000 PRO (M10 motor,1280X ESC,2880 propeller)
The E5000 Pro features a complete installation of the motor, ESC and propeller. It is compatible with 30mm diameter arm tubes, is easy to install and keeps cable alignment neat.

Both the Pro and Standard versions are designed to be weather-proof. The motor’s bearing system and ESCs are weather-sealed, with an additional coating on the motor stator and ESC circuit board to prevent corrosion caused by rain, pesticides and even salt spray. In agricultural applications, weather-proofing allows the system to be washed without worrying about corrosion.
* The 1280S ESC is IP66 rated.

A centrifugal cooling system and a circle of cooling fins are used within the M10 motor. ESC cooling fins placed under the propeller airflow further improves cooling efficiency, allowing the 1280 ESC to withstand continuous currents as high as 80A.
In continuous 60 minute 6kg/axis load tests, the motor surface temperature increased by only 31°F (17°C), while the ESC surface temperature increased by only 36°F (20°C)*.
Effective cooling adds reliability and enables continuous operation even in hot weather.
*Tested in a well ventilated 77°F (25°C) room.

The 28-inch propeller is made of Ultra Carbon Pro, an advanced composite material created for a high strength and stiffness to weight ratio, with a patented geometry that provides outstanding aerodynamic efficiency. When working with the M10 motor and the 1280 FOC ESC, they generate a maximum thrust of 31lbs (14kg) at sea level with only 44V of input. The field oriented control (FOC) algorithm also makes the system more responsive and more efficient, giving the E5000 a longer operation time.

The 1280 ESC uses multicolored LEDs as a real-time indicator of system status. It is also equipped with a full suite of protection mechanisms that react differently depending on whether the aircraft is in flight or on the ground. Built-in spark-proof circuitry extends the life of connectors and makes them more reliable.
The 1280 ESC is optimized for the DJI A3 and N3 flight controllers. The ESC and the flight controllers communicate in real time, making instant intervention possible in the event of an abnormality. A back up throttle system* can automatically kick in if the primary throttle line is interrupted, minimizing accidents and increasing safety.
*DJI A3/N3 required.

The M10 Air motor shares the same electro-magnetic design as the M10, but its weight has been extensively optimized to reduce its total weight by 20% while maintaining strength and cooling capabilities. The M10 Air operates between 14°F (-10°C) and 122°F (50°C), giving users a wide range of usage options.

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This product is manufactured by SZ DJI Baiwang Technology Co., Ltd. affiliated with DJI Group.