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RTK-G + Datalink Pro Pack

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D-RTK Quick Start Guide

Datalink Pro Quick Start Guide

RTK-G: Using a GPS+GLONASS dual positioning module, RTK-G is suitable for most countries and regions worldwide.
RTK-B: Using a GPS+BDS dual positioning module, RTK-B’s positioning performance surpasses RTK-G in areas covered by BDS. RTK-B is recommended for use in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, India, Australia, and New Zealand.

Purchase the RTK-G + Datalink Pro Pack and get a free Matrice 600 Series - D-RTK Mounting Bracket.

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Visit D-RTK Product Page 
Visit Datalink Pro Product Page 

This product is manufactured by SZ DJI Baiwang Technology Co., Ltd. affiliated with DJI Group.

Gifts include

  • Matrice 600 Series - D-RTK Mounting Bracket × 1