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Mini enough, Pro enough

Tenpercent · Studying for a Master's in Engineering

During a journey of nearly 7,000 kilometers—including a slightly rainy Gannan, a windy and cloudy Mangnai, and a high-altitude Hoh Xil—the addition of lossless vertical shooting and intelligent tracking made Mini 3 Pro the perfect companion for shooting.

Long-range battery for capturing light and shadow

Yeqing Lu · Freelance photographer

In the evening, the shimmering light in the night sky reflects the Shing Wong Court. To record this golden moment, I took off early and waited for the perfect light conditions. The Mini 3 Pro, with its ultra-long battery life, preserved the moment for me.

Give me different perspertive

Diaz Ko · Teacher

This photo is from a lawn near a public school in Taiwan. I use Mini 3 Pro to lead the children to experience the world from a different perspective.

USD $599