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DJI Pocket 2 Gift Combo (Limited Edition)

As well as the Pocket 2 Sunset White combo, the gift box also includes a 128GB microSD, a crossbody bag, and DJI goodies, all at the same price.
Bonus PackFree SD Card and DJI SwagExclusive Offer
USD $439
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It would be perfect to take on my camping trips. #DJIHolidays", "Mavic 3 looks AMAZING! It would be the perfect upgrade. #DJIHolidays", "DJI Mini 2 looks like the perfect drone for beginners like me! #DJIHolidays", "I'm planning on proposing to my girlfriend next year. I want Mavic 3 to capture the moment.", "It sure would be awesome to have a Mavic 3 for my skiing holiday next year!", "DJI Mavic 3 is my dream travel companion! ", "My brother got a Mini 2 this year and it looks awesome. I want one too! #DJIHolidays" ], "me": "Me" }, "rounds": [ { "title": "Week 1 Giveaway", "tabTitle": "Week 1", "tabIcon": "", "tabDate": "Nov.18", "upcomingButton": "Entry starts Nov.18", "prizes": [ { "cover": "//", "title": "DJI Action 2 Dual-Screen Combo", "link": "/product/dji-action-2?vid=107601", "winnerCount": "1 Winner", "winnerList": [ "r****" ] }, { "cover": "//", "title": "$10 off coupon", "winnerCount": "4500 Winners", "winnerList": [ "c****", "a****", "v****", "s****", "b****", "e****", "a****", "k****", "n****", "W****", "r****", "p****", "J****CALYNNLUTZ@GMAIL.COM", "a****", "m****", "j****", "a****", "c****", "r****", "m****", "m****", "D****", "a****", "j****", "J****", "c****", "J****", "s****", "i****", "j****", "W****", "D****", "m****", "m****", "d****", "m****", "r****", "G****", "d****", "m****", "x****om", "m****", "S****", "j****", "m****", "c****", "e****", "A****", "w****", "g****", "P****", "k****", "n****", "b****", "i****", "A****osarino@yahoo.Com", 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"k****", "n****", "p****", "m****", "x****", "k****", "t****", "T****", "f****", "t****", "S****", "R****", "m****", "j****", "l****", "T****", "a****", "v****", "w****", "O****", "i****", "d****", "o****", "p****", "m****", "S****FTER@GMAIL.COM", "l****", "B****", "a****", "g****", "r****", "h****", "c****", "b****", "J****", "a****", "m****", "a****", "S****", "a****", "d****", "e****", "j****", "d****", "n****", "c****", "L****", "g****", "g****", "e****", "n****", "R****", "a****", "t****", "v****", "d****", "s****", "s****", "r****", "E****", "s****", "s****", "n****", "D****", "s****", "m****", "b****", "m****", "c****", "j****", "a****", "A****", "n****", "t****", "t****", "b****", "m****", "Z****", "r****", "n****", "r****", "k****", "v****", "C****", "A****", "J****", "e****", "D****", "a****", "i****", "m****", "I****", "f****", "t****", "I****", "t****", "g****", "b****", "2****", "d****", "M****", "T****", "m****", "t****", "g****", "b****", "k****", "S****", "j****", "i****", "i****", "k****", "t****", "a****", "M****", "B****", "A****", "D****", "e****", "j****", "e****", "i****", "s****", "S****", "m****", "r****", "m****", "j****", "l****", "p****", "f****", "N****", "j****", "R****", "j****", "m****", "W****", "H****", "A****", "t****", "y****", "s****", "p****", "t****", "i****", "h****", "n****", "n****", "f****", "z****", "m****", "1****", "w****", "H****", "D****", "L****", "j****", "s****", "t****", "m****", "D****", "e****", "d****", "P****", "g****", "k****", "M****", "n****", "m****", "m****", "j****", "o****", "j****", "c****", "M****", "a****", "y****", "t****", "i****", "G****", "O****", "R****", "j****", "N****", "h****", "k****", "c****", "d****", "h****", "i****", "N****", "d****", "l****", "r****", "n****", "M****", "t****", "a****", "k****", "p****", "d****", "K****", "m****", "m****", "d****", "m****", "b****", "y****", "L****", "S****", "g****", "d****", "J****", "a****", "k****", "N****", "g****", "s****", "A****", "T****", "a****", "s****", "d****", "r****", "d****", "s****", "k****", "m****", "M****NCWOO@YAHOO.COM", "s****", "m****", "k****", "m****", "f****", "J****", "j****", "D****", "c****", "b****", "h****", "S****", "z****", "c****", "K****", "j****", "a****", "o****", "T****", "M****", "h****", "n****", "J****", "h****", "D****", "S****", "R****", "r****", "J****", "r****", "L****", "4****", "v****", "l****", "h****", "F****", "L****", "s****", "g****", "W****", "t****", "l****", "S****", "T****", "i****", "K****", "g****", "j****", "d****", "h****", "x****", "j****", "d****", "H****", "h****", "I****", "H****", "a****", "g****", "R****", "r****", "t****", "s****", "a****", "g****", "g****", "m****", "o****", "c****", "s****", "d****", "d****", "N****", "N****", "s****", "d****", "T****", "x****", "m****", "j****", "b****", "a****", "w****", "k****", "j****", "b****", "d****", "b****", "t****", "e****", "f****", "s****", "m****", "m****", "v****", "d****", "r****", "w****", "M****", "m****", "f****", "r****", "x****", "N****", "F****", "h****", "R****", "m****", "a****", "r****", "J****", "a****", "v****", "J****", "n****", "M****", "b****", "K****", "t****", "a****", "s****", "S****", "a****", "h****", "s****", "p****", "E****", "J****", "e****", "0****", "J****", "v****", "D****", "d****", "t****", "p****", "h****", "g****", "H****", "I****", "H****", "t****", "y****", "x****", "m****", "S****", "i****", "b****", "R****", "D****", "a****", "g****", "y****", "J****", "h****", "E****", "p****", "R****", "a****", "A****", "a****", "D****", "r****", "m****", "r****", "s****", "f****", "K****", "K****", "n****", "r****", "b****", "s****", "s****", "a****", "c****", "M****", "l****", "S****", "D****", "m****", "t****", "g****", "m****", "l****", "y****", "V****", "u****", "a****", "h****", "s****", "o****", "d****", "R****", "A****", "8****", "B****", "c****", "r****", "s****", "L****", "r****", "o****", "a****", "G****", "c****", "j****", "b****", "b****", "b****", "m****", "J****", "j****", "M****", "s****", "J****", "t****", "a****", "j****", "S****", "r****", "J****", "R****", "s****", "b****", "s****", "r****", "J****", "l****", "s****", "w****", "a****", "c****", "c****", "h****", "b****", "s****", "s****", "j****", "h****", "M****", "j****", "L****", "g****", "a****", "w****", "i****", "r****", "r****", "i****", "r****", "m****", "j****", "n****", "l****", "n****", "J****", "b****", "a****", "w****", "r****", "h****", "j****", "J****", "L****", "T****", "c****", "r****", "N****", "d****", "j****", "c****", "v****", "s****", "a****", "g****", "f****", "a****", "t****", "s****", "S****", "O****", "w****", "m****", "h****", "d****", "s****", "A****", "b****", "d****", "t****", "T****", "j****", "p****", "l****", "P****", "j****", "b****", "r****", "s****", "g****", "n****", "d****", "g****", "a****", "c****", "i****", "s****", "N****", "d****", "H****", "C****", "T****", "A****", "k****", "l****", "A****ndri@me.Com", "d****", "t****", "t****", "b****", "t****", "a****", "b****", "T****", "K****", "n****", "r****", "P****", "J****", "T****", "j****", "P****", "c****", "p****", "g****", "s****", "d****", "c****", "t****", "S****", "K****", "f****", "k****", "M****", "e****", "p****", "c****", "I****", "P****", "K****", "m****", "k****", "B****", "h****", "t****", "m****", "n****", "E****", "j****", "b****", "s****", "d****", "S****", "t****", "c****", "i****", "b****", "m****", "9****", "d****", "a****", "c****", "d****", "a****", "m****", "s****", "r****", "L****", "J****", "p****", "r****", "s****", "b****", "s****", "t****", "t****", "P****", "c****", "f****", "a****", "p****", "s****", "R****", "c****", "s****", "c****", "M****", "m****", "k****", "v****", "N****", "f****", "L****", "B****", "i****", "W****", "j****", "L****", "d****", "i****", "g****", "H****", "h****", "P****", "g****", "J****", "d****", "j****", "L****", "d****", "m****", "m****", "E****", "B****", "N****", "a****", "p****", "k****", "g****", "R****", "s****", "d****", "H****", "i****", "r****", "h****", "j****", "j****", "c****", "E****", "j****", "c****", "i****", "j****", "t****", "j****", "m****", "S****", "h****", "v****", "a****", "r****", "j****", "C****", "b****", "r****", "J****", "c****", "A****", "d****", "d****", "c****", "j****", "i****", "h****", "c****", "K****", "z****", "B****", "l****", "j****", "g****", "G****", "r****", "R****", "c****", "n****", "r****", "B****", "f****", "l****", "m****", "B****", "o****", "B****", "b****", "b****", "a****", "R****", "h****", "o****", "p****", "g****", "w****", "j****", "t****", "j****", "K****", "v****", "t****", "1****", "1****", "c****", "n****", "l****", "j****", "r****", "k****", "D****", "r****", "o****", "n****", "l****", "y****", "j****", "l****", "m****", "e****", "L****", "M****", "f****", "a****", "s****", "j****", "m****", "t****", "a****", "T****", "j****", "a****", "t****", "T****", "j****", "h****", "j****", "b****", "a****", "r****", "m****", "s****", "F****", "H****", "a****", "e****", "g****", "b****", "d****", "j****", "A****", "M****", "C****", "k****", "J****", "F****", "o****", "o****", "b****", "J****", "d****", "k****", "a****", "k****", "d****", "a****", "g****", "i****", "g****", "p****", "J****", "m****", "e****", "s****", "q****", "d****", "N****", "r****", "4****", "R****", "n****", "c****", "b****", "r****", "T****", "s****", "t****", "a****", "r****", "j****", "s****", "s****", "m****", "P****", "g****", "j****", "g****", "r****", "k****", "s****", "a****", "K****", "j****", "A****", "z****", "4****", "m****", "0****", "R****", "D****", "K****", "a****", "a****", "m****", "t****", "k****", "R****", "p****", "A****", "G****", "a****", "b****", "d****", "L****", "d****", "k****", "m****", "s****", "C****", "A****", "e****", "g****", "M****", "k****", "s****", "t****", "j****", "t****", "j****", "K****", "e****", "m****", "c****", "b****", "h****", "K****", "m****", "J****", "J****", "v****", "s****", "T****", "B****", "a****", "m****", "v****", "j****", "t****", "J****", "s****", "v****", "C****", "m****", "B****", "M****", "l****", "f****", "t****", "g****", "t****", "G****", "D****", "z****", "r****", "M****", "b****", "c****", "c****", "c****", "l****", "a****", "M****", "R****", "s****", "a****", "T****", "v****", "a****", "R****", "I****", "g****", "U****", "s****", "s****", "g****", "l****", "1****", "9****", "d****", "m****", "C****", "j****", "b****", "a****", "m****", "m****", "s****", "j****", "s****", "L****", "S****", "b****", "m****", "i****", "R****", "T****", "r****", "d****", "m****", "j****", "n****", "n****", "K****", "c****", "p****", "k****", "d****", "A****", "F****", "2****", "m****", "H****", "m****", "o****", "d****", "d****", "M****", "N****", "p****", "t****", "D****", "a****", "h****", "N****", "k****", "r****", "p****", "S****", "j****", "m****", "r****YAHOO.COM", "a****", "R****", "X****", "d****", "G****", "t****", "L****", "r****", "k****", "d****", "g****", "p****", "a****", "r****", 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"c****", "k****", "t****", "t****", "L****", "j****", "j****", "A****", "x****", "M****", "c****", "1****", "a****", "4****", "G****", "7****", "J****", "r****", "n****", "a****", "J****", "j****", "1****", "a****", "S****", "T****", "t****", "j****", "f****", "a****", "c****", "a****", "1****", "m****", "L****", "c****", "V****", "s****", "b****", "c****", "d****", "R****", "S****", "j****", "H****", "g****", "Y****", "B****", "b****", "j****", "t****", "k****", "E****", "L****", "b****", "l****", "c****", "S****", "m****", "m****", "C****", "m****", "n****", "m****", "C****", "j****", "j****", "w****", "a****", "d****", "l****", "S****", "e****", "n****", "k****", "R****", "p****", "m****", "W****", "a****", "s****", "w****", "s****", "r****", "p****", "j****", "e****", "s****", "j****", "t****", "b****", "j****", "b****", "j****", "m****", "j****", "b****", "r****", "c****", "r****", "c****", "i****", "h****", "j****", "a****", "w****", "c****", "R****", "A****", "j****", "s****", "o****", "d****", "j****", "T****STHORNDIKE@HOTMAIL.COM", "c****", "m****", "m****", "a****", "a****", "p****", "f****", "l****", "S****", "d****", "p****", "K****", "R****", "T****", "X****", "K****", "D****", "j****", "r****", "k****", "j****", "E****", "a****", "b****", "h****", "j****", "r****", "a****", "t****", "W****", "j****", "g****", "s****", "p****", "j****", "A****", "K****", "m****", "S****", "A****", "t****", "g****", "s****" ] } ], "note": "Winners announced Nov.25" }, { "title": "Week 2 Giveaway", "tabTitle": "Week 2", "tabIcon": "//", "tabDate": "Nov.25", "upcomingButton": "Entry starts Nov.25", "prizes": [ { "cover": "//", "title": "DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo", "link": "/product/mini-2?vid=99471", "winnerCount": "1 Winner", "winnerList": [] } ], "note": "Winners announced Dec.2" }, { "title": "Week 3 Giveaway", "tabTitle": "Week 3", "tabIcon": "", "tabDate": "Dec.2", "upcomingButton": "Entry starts Dec.2", "prizes": [ { "cover": "//", "title": "Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo", "link": "/product/mavic-air-2?vid=91101", "winnerCount": "1 Winner", "winnerList": [] } ], "note": "Winners announced Dec.9" }, { "title": "Week 4 Giveaway", "tabTitle": "Week 4", "tabIcon": "", "tabDate": "Dec.9", "upcomingButton": "Entry starts Dec.9", "prizes": [ { "cover": "//", "title": "DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo", "link": "/product/pocket-2?vid=98661", "winnerCount": "1 Winner", "winnerList": [] }, { "cover": "//", "title": "DJI OM 5 Athens Gray", "link": "/product/dji-om-5?vid=106401", "winnerCount": "1 Winner", "winnerList": [] } ], "note": "Winners announced Dec.16" }, { "title": "Week 5 Giveaway", "tabTitle": "Week 5", "tabIcon": "", "tabDate": "Dec.16", "upcomingButton": "Entry starts Dec.16", "prizes": [ { "cover": "//", "title": "DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo", "link": "/product/dji-air-2s?vid=104212", "winnerCount": "1 Winner", "winnerList": [] } ], "note": "Winners announced Dec.23" }, { "title": "Mega Prize Giveaway", "tabTitle": "Early-Bird", "tabIcon": "", "tabDate": "Nov.18", "upcomingButton": "Entry starts Nov.18", "prizes": [ { "cover": "//", "title": "DJI Mavic 3 Cine Premium Combo", "link": "/product/dji-mavic-3?vid=110034", "winnerCount": "Valued at $4,999 | 1 Winner", "winnerList": [] } ], "note": "Winners announced Dec.25" }, { "title": "Grand Prize Giveaway", "tabTitle": "Grand Prize", "tabIcon": "", "tabDate": "Dec.25", "upcomingButton": "Entry starts Dec.25", "prizes": [ { "cover": "//", "title": "DJI Mystery Future Box", "winnerCount": "10 Winners", "winnerCountDetail": "10 winners will be randomly selected from the raffle entrants and holiday gift box givers list.", "winnerList": [] } ], "apply": "Share Creative Goals", "note": "Winners announced Jan.1", "shareTaskTitle": "Write your creative goals for 2022", "shareTaskDescription": "Share via the social media platform of your choice", "shareDefaultTxt": "I want to take more timelapse videos in 2022.", "applied": "You've Already Entered", "isWishing": true, "wishingList": [] } ] }
DJI Holiday Calendar Terms and Conditions By participation, you hereby agree that: 1. Eligibility: DJI Holiday Calendar (the “Event”) is open only to legal residents of the United States, who are at least 18 years old, and is void where prohibited by law (the “Participant”). Sponsor, and their respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, distributors, retailers, sales representatives, advertising and promotion agencies and each of their respective officers, directors and employees (the "Promotion Entities"), are ineligible to enter this Event or win a prize. Household Members and Immediate Family Members of such individuals are also not eligible to enter or win. "Household Members"shall mean those people who share the same residence at least three months a year. "Immediate Family Members"shall mean parents, step-parents, legal guardians, children, step-children, siblings, step-siblings, or spouses. 2. Method of Participation: To enter the Event, you must complete the following: (1) Read & agree to comply with this Terms and Conditions; (2) Subscribe to the DJI newsletter; (3) Share why you want to win the prize on the social media platform (Facebook, Twitter) that you wish to share on (the “Sharing Content”). 3. Alternative method of Participation: The alternative method of entering the Grand Prize giveaway is to purchase the DJI Pocket 2 Gift Box before January 1st 2022 and do not initiate a return and refund. 4. Number of Entry: The Event contains 7 rounds of draws, and each person can participate in each round for a maximum of 1 time. 5. Event Period: The Event begins on 2021/11/19 and ends on 2022/01/01. Week 1 Giveaway: participation time available from 2021/11/19 to 2021/11/24, winner(s) will be selected and announced on 2021/11/25. Week 2 Giveaway: participation time available from 2021/11/25 to 2021/12/1, winner(s) will be selected and announced on 2021/12/2. Week 3 Giveaway: participation time available from 2021/12/2 to 2021/12/8, winner(s) will be selected and announced on 2021/12/9. Week 4 Giveaway: participation time available from 2021/12/9 to 2021/12/15, winner(s) will be selected and announced on 2021/12/16. Week 5 Giveaway: participation time available from 2021/12/16 to 2021/12/22, winner(s) will be selected and announced on 2021/12/23. Early-Bird Giveaway: participation time available from 2021/11/19 to 2021/12/24, winner(s) will be selected and announced on 2021/12/25. Grand Prize Giveaway: participation time available from 2021/12/25 to 2021/12/31, winner(s) will be selected and announced on 2022/1/1. 6. Prizes: Prize(s) of Week 1 Giveaway: DJI Action 2 Dual-Screen Combo*1 (Verifiable/Approximate Retail Value: $519), $10 off coupon*4500 (Verifiable/Approximate Retail Value: $45,000) Prize(s) of Week 2 Giveaway: DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo*1 (Verifiable/Approximate Retail Value: $599) Prize(s) of Week 3 Giveaway: Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo*1 (Verifiable/Approximate Retail Value: $988) Prize(s) of Week 4 Giveaway: DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo*1 (Verifiable/Approximate Retail Value: $499), DJI OM 5 Athens Gray*1 (Verifiable/Approximate Retail Value: $159) Prize(s) of Week 5 Giveaway: DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo*1 (Verifiable/Approximate Retail Value: $1,299) Prize(s) of Early-Bird Giveaway: DJI Mavic 3 Cine Combo*1 (Verifiable/Approximate Retail Value: $4,999) Prize(s) of Grand Prize Giveaway: DJI Future Box*10 (Verifiable/Approximate Retail Value: capped at $1,550) (1) All prizes will be awarded in the form of a coupon ($10 off coupon or 100% off discount coupon). Winners need to register and login their DJI accounts at DJI store( and use the coupons in DJI Store. (2) The $10 off coupon is valid for the following products: Mavic 3, DJI Air 2S, DJI Mini 2, DJI Mini SE, Mavic Air 2, Mavic 2, DJI Action 2, DJI OM 5, DJI Pocket 2, DJI OM 4 SE, Osmo Action, Osmo Pocket, DJI FPV Combo, Phantom 4 Pro V2.0, DJI Ronin 4D-6K, DJI RS 2, DJI RSC 2, Ronin-SC, Ronin 2 Professional Combo, RoboMaster S1, RoboMaster TT and Tello. The $10 off discount coupon can not be used in conjunction with other DJI Store coupons. The $10 off coupon is valid for use from 2021/11/25 to 2021/12/31. (3) The 100% discount coupon is valid until Dec 31, 2021. Except for the winner of Grand Prize (DJI Mystery Future Box), all other winners must use the 100% discount coupon before Dec 31, 2021. (4) The Grand Prize of this Event, the DJI Mystery Future Box, is the first new product of DJI's consumer series to be released globally in 2022(the “New Product”).The New Product will be released before August 31, 2022 and its value is capped at $1,550. The DJI Mystery Future Box is valid for collection within 60 days after the release of the New Product. (5) We do not offer cash in lieu of prizes. (6) Prizes are not transferable. (7) All prizes enjoy the same after-sales service and return policy as other products on sale in DJI Store: (8) The winners do not need to pay shipping fees to receive the prizes. 7. Odds: The actual odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received. 8. Winner selection and notification: On 2021/11/25, 2021/12/2, 2021/12/9, 2021/12/16, 2021/12/23, 2021/12/25, and 2022/1/1, winners of the Event will be selected in a random drawing and announced on DJI website (link of landing page). Winners will be notified within 3 working days after the announcement of the winners via their email addresses that subscribe to DJI newsletter. A list of winners will be displayed on DJI website and may include each winner's encrypted email address and corresponding prize. 9. List of Winners: To obtain a list of winners, please visit DJI website (link of landing page) or send an email to prior to 2022/1/15. 10. Tax: All taxes, fees and surcharges on prizes are the sole responsibility of the winner. 11. Sponsor: The Sponsor of the Event is Saikoron LLC, whose address is 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware 19958, County of Sussex. The Sponsor can be contacted through 12. 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IF, FOR ANY REASON, THIS EVENT IS NOT CAPABLE OF RUNNING AS PLANNED FOR REASONS WHICH MAY INCLUDE WITHOUT LIMITATION, INFECTION BY COMPUTER VIRUS, TAMPERING, UNAUTHORIZED INTERVENTION, FRAUD, TECHNICAL FAILURES, OR ANY OTHER CAUSES WHICH MAY CORRUPT OR AFFECT THE ADMINISTRATION, SECURITY, FAIRNESS, INTEGRITY OR PROPER CONDUCT OF THIS EVENT, THE SPONSOR RESERVES THE RIGHT AT ITS SOLE DISCRETION TO CANCEL, TERMINATE, MODIFY OR SUSPEND THIS EVENT IN WHOLE OR IN PART. IN SUCH EVENT, SPONSOR SHALL IMMEDIATELY SUSPEND ALL DRAWINGS AND PRIZE AWARDS, AND SPONSOR RESERVES THE RIGHT TO AWARD ANY REMAINING PRIZES (UP TO THE TOTAL ODDS AS SET FORTH IN SECTION 7) IN A MANNER DEEMED FAIR AND EQUITABLE BY SPONSOR. SPONSOR SHALL NOT HAVE ANY FURTHER LIABILITY TO ANY PARTICIPANT IN CONNECTION WITH THIS EVENT. 13. Third Party Website Disclaimer. A Facebook/ Twitter account may be required to enter. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook /Twitter. 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