10 Fairytale Images from Above

Childhood is a time of awe, wonder, and the belief in the impossible. When it’s time to grow up, we confine the sparks of magic to the pages of fairy tales. But what if magic does, in fact, exist? This week’s selection from the 2018 SkyPixel Photo and Video Contest show that the world is full of magic all around us, as long as we see from another perspective.

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1. Alice falling into the rabbit hole | Equipment: Mavic Pro


Photographer: Victoria Volchenko

2. Elephant sleeping in a pool of mud, Nyonié Gabon Africa | Equipment: Mavic Pro

Photographer: Christian VIGNA

3. Infinity Road: Summer vs Winter | Equipment: Mavic Pro

Photographer: Michal Sadowski

A perfect mountain road shot twice during Summer and Winter. Same place. Different seasons. It took a lot of effort to shoot this photo. Two photos shot 8 months apart. Perfectly aligned. The battle between the Summer and the Winter.


4. HUNGRY HIPPOS | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro

Photographer: Martin Sanchez @zekedrone

There’s no party like a hippo party! An incredible visual to see and such a unique perspective. Truly honored to have this moment in time.


5. Tegallalang Rice Terraces, Ubud, Bali | Equipment: Mavic Pro

 Photographer: SebastianSavoyFilms

I’ve taken this drone shot with my Mavic Pro on an early morning in October at the Tegallalang Rice Terraces, Ubud, Bali.


6. Whale and calf | Equipment: Mavic Pro

Photographer: Kyle Goetsch

Mother and calf Southern Right whales off the coast of South Africa.

7. Up in the air | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro

Photographer: 杰克兔

Watch the sunrise up from land

8. Spilling Jacarandas | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro


Every year with the onset of spring, thousands of Jacaranda trees bloom in the Gauteng province, blanketing the region in a sea of purple hues. According to legend, if the flower of a Jacaranda tree falls on your head, you are bound to pass the encroaching examinations. This photograph captures the gentle spillover of the blooming flowers over the slate covered roof of the Old Arts building, one of the first buildings constructed on the University grounds.


9. Lofoten Islands | Equipment: Mavic Pro

  Photographer: 圆猪笔

The moment between Autumn and Winter is dramatic. You could experience four seasons in one day or even in an hour. Clouds, rains, and winds have taken control of Reina’s weather today, which makes you feel like standing at a magical place.


10. The snowy CHENGHUANG Pogoda | Equipment: Mavic 2 Zoom

 Photographer: 你七哥