10 Insane User Showreels from 2018

2018 SkyPixel Contest Weekly Selection: Issue 9

People often look back at the end of a year and wonder where all the time went. Luckily for videographers and photographers, there’s plenty of footage to answer that question. For this week’s selection of 2018 SkyPixel Contest submissions, we’re sharing ten amazing user showreels from 2018. Click here to see more entries.

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1. This is Showreel | Equipment: Inspire 2

Photographer: 牧七

I think my showreel can not only show the world what I have done during this past year, but also show the progress I’ve made both technically and creatively. 2018 may have come to an end, but 2019 is just getting started.

2. The World Is Yours – SkyPixel Travel Reel | Equipment: Mavic 2

Photographer: Shirley.Films

This year I had the opportunity to travel around the globe filming with my drone. I’m so lucky to live in a time where most places are just a plane ride away. The world is ours and everyone deserves a chance to see it. I hope you enjoy the video and I hope it inspires you to live the life you want to live! Filming locations include: Dolomites (Italy), Zakynthos & Santorini (Greece), Reine and Senja (Norway), Dubai (UAE), Oahu (Hawaii), Mallorca (Spain), New York City, and Utah.

3. Showreel 2018 | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro

Photographer: Mauro Sciambi

Mauro Sciamibi is a photographer who specializes in weddings. His 2018 showreel is jam-packed with romance and tender moments.

4. The Journey of 2018 | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro

Photographer: Vincent

This year I recorded the countries and cities that I visited with my drone, including the UK, Finland, France, and the USA.

5. 2018 Reel | Adventure | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro

Photographer: tomnoske

This is a collection of moments captured during my travels and adventures throughout 2018.

6. My Sin Kiang in 2018 | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro

Photographer: 文兴华

Though Wen Xinhua spent most of his days during 2018 in Sin Kiang, he thinks there’s still plenty of incredible scenes to be explored there. This showreel reveals the beauty he found in Sin Kiang during 2018.

7. The Shadow of 2018 | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro

Photographer: 墨卿

This video is a compilation of the footage I shot in the UK, which recaps some of my most memorable moments from 2018.

8. 2018 Travelling with the Wind | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro

Photographer: 知北游.

I tried to record all of my journeys during 2018 with my drone. It was my Mavic that made every trip so exciting.

9. ShowReel 2018 | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro

Photographer: Pep Sanchez

This is my first summary of a year flying. Three countries, more than 30 hours, over 200 km, and 120 flights. My first full year experimenting and discovering a different world from the air. An unforgettable experience shared with my friends, photographers, and travelers. Thank you all 😉

10. MY YEAR 2018 | Equipment: Mavic 2 Zoom

Photographer: shawn

I might not have fancy cars and houses, but I do have a Mavic 2 Zoom, which I take with me everywhere. I love travelling and my Mavic 2 Zoom is my most important travel partner. This is my 2018 showreel that I made to capture an amazing year.