10 Photos from the Harvest

2018 SkyPixel Contest Weekly Selection: Issue 10

Aerial photography has the power to reveal the art and passion behind the everyday activities around us. One such case is in agriculture. From the ground, it seems like such a slow process. From the sky, however, we can see perfect lines, busy hands, and the result of a months-long process. This week’s selection from the 2018 SkyPixel Contest shares the world of agriculture and the fruits of labor that come from it. Click here to see more entries.

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1. Water Chestnut Harvesting | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro

Photographer: Trung Pham 

The high tide allows farmers in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta to collect the fruits of their labor – delicious water chestnuts.

2. The Salt Workers | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro

Photographer: Trung Pham 

As it lowers into the horizon, an orange sun glows across a shallow pond, where men with wooden rakes collect grains of salt and form prosperous dunes.

3. Harvesting Shrimp on the Sea | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro

Photographer: Tuấn Nguyễn

From their tiny boats, fishermen pull up a gigantic neon net from the sea, collecting a large catch of shrimp. From here, they will be processed into shrimp paste, a central ingredient in Vietnamese cuisine.

4. Dance in the Autumn | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro

Photographer: 下一站,观光

Plowing along the fertile soil, a lone tractor has acres to go before the work is complete.

5. Herding Buffalo | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro V2.0

Photographer: Thanh Toàn

Plowing along the fertile soil, a lone tractor has acres to go before the work is complete.

6. Watering | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro

Photographer: Huy

With a lunar holiday approaching, work will come to a halt in favor of much-deserved rest. Before he puts his feet up, a lone farmer greets his rows of chrysanthemum with one last morning watering session.

7. Tea Harvesting | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro

Photographer: Thien Nguyen

Located in the outskirts of Bao Loc, this tea leave plantation in Di Linh is the setting for this aerial photo. Local workers gather tea leaves at the end of a three-month harvest cycle.

8. Catching Snails on the “Cloud” River | Equipment: Mavic Pro

Photographer: caokynhan

As these people gather snails, their movements kick up mud from the river bottom, forming clouds at their feet.

9. Winter Fishing | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro

Photographer: Spring

Local villagers break up the frozen lake to catch fish however they can. Even in 32 degrees below zero, curious onlookers stand to catch the spectacle.

10. Flowers | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro

Photographer: 邱会宁

This crowd of goose circle around mounds of feed and step in line. From above, they appear like the petals of a flower.