10 Thrilling Feats of Athleticism, Captured from Above

2018 SkyPixel Contest Weekly Selection: Issue 5

Sports are the embodiment of power, determination, and spirit. It’s no wonder that a well-placed camera reveals the art behind athletics. In this week’s selection of the 10 best photos and videos of the 2018 SkyPixel Contest, we recognize users who blend the physical and aesthetic world into one. Click here to see more details.

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1. Flying over Yanghu, Tibet | EquipmentPhantom 4 Pro

Photographer: 李珩

Paragliding can be a treacherous challenge. In a high Tibetan plateau, Li Wei not only manages unstable airflow, freezing temperatures, and the lack of oxygen on his ride, but shows a beautiful dialogue between man and landscape.


2. SKI ACT VI | Equipment: Phantom 4

Photographer: boma49

The frosty slopes of Les Arcs lay the setting for afternoon freedom, where boma49 captures his friends gliding across fresh powder on their skis.

3. Slackliner | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro

Photographer: Henry Tombak

Henry Tombak shares an aerial perspective of slacklining, a sport that requires total focus and fearlessness. High above Sicilian peaks, adventurers conquer feats few in the world would dare attempt.


4. Glacier Adventure | Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro


Ni Lu and his friends are no strangers to high-octane excitement. In a Changchun winter, they bring the motorsport of drifting to new levels – sliding across snow-covered glaciers.


5. Sea to Summit 2018 – English Championship Fell Running – Race Preview | Equipment: Inspire 2


Photographer: Glenn Whorrall

To promote the annual “Sea to Summit” race in the Isle of Man, Glenn Whorrall shared the route from above, giving competitors a taste of the ascents, river passes, and splendid views the course offers. A no better way to honor the life of Kate Burge, for whom the race was created in 2014.


6. Ice and Fire | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro

Photographer: 行者

In the freezing Shenyang winter, Xing Zhe found a lone pool free of ice surrounded by fresh snow. A friend in a red swimsuit braved the cold to create this magical moment.


7. Surfer in Balian Ocean | Equipment: Mavic Pro

Photographer: Pikelman

Pikelman spotted this lone surfer paddling out to catch the wave of the day.


8. Drone Selfie | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro

Photographer: Mathis Dumas

Sometimes, artist and subject are one in the same. As Mathis Dumas carves downhill on his skis, he snaps a moment of the path behind him.


9. Kitesurfing in Sardinia | Equipment: Mavic 2 Pro

Photographer: Enrico Pescantini

In the open waters of Italy’s Sardinia, a Kitesurfer cuts through the sea like a blade. Luckily for Enrico Pescantini, the moment was within reach for an epic photo.


10. Throwing it to the Moon | Equipment: Mavic Pro

Photographer: Taavi Purtsak

Just how far can Estonian hammer throw champion Kati Ojaloo reach? From above, Taavi Purtsak soon found out.