5 Great Third-Party Mavic Pro Accessories

DJI makes a lot of great Mavic Pro accessories, like the Mavic Pro Shoulder Bag, Power Bank Adapter, and Car Charger. But there are lots of other companies making great add-ons that can take your Mavic Pro experience to the next level. Here are five great third-party accessories that are available now at the DJI Online Store!

1. PolarPro – Katana Mavic Tray Check the Price!

The great thing about DJI drones is that they shoot stable video just as well on the ground as they do in the air. Turn on the Mavic Pro with its arms folded, and you have a 4K stabilized gimbal camera! No, but seriously, holding your phone with one hand and your Mavic with the other doesn’t make for a particularly good shooting experience. Adjusting settings is awkward and, while the gimbal functions well, it’s not designed to be handheld.

The PolarPro Katana Mavic Tray solves these issues!

This accessory features a tray for the Mavic Pro, a phone mount, and hand grips on either side of the drone, allowing aspiring filmmakers to capture precise, cinematic ground shots. Turn your Mavic Pro into a versatile filmmaking solution with the Katana Mavic Tray!


2. PGYTECH – Mavic Tablet Holder Check the Price!

Mavic controllers are ergonomic and easy-to-use, but they are limited in that they only support phone-sized mobile devices. With a PGYTECH Mavic Tablet Holder, you can fly with an iPad or Android tablet.

The holder is compatible with most tablets on the market, and its quick-release design allows for simple, convenient installation. Its aluminum housing makes the holder well-textured, and soft EVA foam inserts keep your tablet protected and in place. The holder is fully adjustable, and its stand lets you can place it directly on just about any surface. It’s also collapsible and is about the size of an iPhone 6+ when folded.

3. PolarPro/PGYTECH – Mavic Lens Hood 

Lens hoods are extremely helpful when shooting in bright sunlight. They prevent lens flare and protect the lens from rain or snow. If you’re looking for extra protection and reliability, a PGYTECH Mavic lens hood is an excellent addition to your kit. Alternatively, you can get the PolarPro lens hood.

4. PGYTECH – Control Stick Protector Check the Price!

Worried about the safety of your Mavic remote controller’s control sticks when on the move? Well, you’re not alone. Pressure from a tightly packed bag and accidental drops or collisions may damage the sticks if they aren’t positioned appropriately. The PGYTECH Mavic Control Stick Protector takes all these worries away. It’s a small cover that snaps magnetically to the sticks and protects the LED screen as well!

5. PGYTECH – Propeller Holders Check the Price!

Like the Control Stick Protector, this accessory is helpful for transportation. Mavic Propellers are foldable, which is excellent for storage. But when taking the drone in and out of a bag, props may snag on edges causing stress to the props or even the motors. With these propeller holders you can keep both all the sets fixed in place, so the chances of damaging them become much less.

With so many great third-party Mavic accessories available, it’s hard to say which ones are indeed the best. But the ones on this list are undoubtedly awesome. Upgrade your Mavic with some new third-party Mavic Pro accessories today!

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