7 Camera Move Tips You Should Know for Osmo Mobile

By using just a DJI Osmo Mobile and iPhone SE, talented creators can produce impressive videos (Check the article: Become a Filmmaker with a Smartphone Stabilizer). So you’ve just purchased an Osmo Mobile and you’ve taken it out for a spin and shot some videos. But they’re not quite as you imagined. The footage is smooth, yes. But something is missing. Sometimes, you need to discover what camera movements will impress your audience. To get your videos on a par with top-tier Internet vloggers, you’ll need some guidance and lots of practice.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you seven camera moves that you can use to dramatically improve your Osmo Mobile shots.

  1. Raising & Lowering

Start low or high on your subject and move in the opposite direction without tilting.

  1. Horizontal

Keep your smartphone at a constant height while you move and film your environment while moving sideways. It’ll look like you’re gliding through the area!

  1. Circle

Ramp up the difficulty by moving in a circle around your subject for even more dynamic shots.

  1. Tilting

Tilt your phone up or down, and the Osmo Mobile will keep your movements gentle and smooth.

  1. Follow & Lead

Follow your subject from behind, moving forward with them as they walk, or move backward as they come toward you, keeping the camera pointed at them.

Or move backward as they come toward you, keeping the camera pointed at them.

  1. Push-in

Start from a distance and walk towards your subject, keeping them at the same position within the frame.

  1. Pull-out

Start close to your subject and move away to reveal the world around you. If you want to ensure your chosen object stays in the frame, consider using ActiveTrack. Just pick a subject in DJI GO, and the camera will follow it as it moves, keeping it centered the whole time.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Well, these shots look great, but as they say, practice makes perfect! Viewing tutorials will only take you so far. You’ll need to get lots of experience under your belt to produce similar results. Just get out there and start shooting with the Osmo Mobile and your smartphone!

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