Get a Discount On The New Mavic 2 with DJI Trade Up!

The advanced technology features and design of the new Mavic 2 lead to their high value on the drone market. If the price is the reason why you hesitate to buy a drone from the Mavic 2 series, this article might be interesting for you. After reading it, you will know how to get a nice discount on your Mavic 2 with DJI Trade Up.

What is DJI Trade Up?

DJI Trade Up is a service where you can trade in your old drones, cell phones or tablets in exchange for DJI Credits and get a brand new DJI gear.

No matter in what kind of condition your device is, DJI will accept it for their evaluated price.

Where Can I Apply for DJI Trade Up?

Unfortunately, DJI Trade Up is not available all over the world. At the moment only the United States of America (excluding the states Hawaii and Alaska) offers the DJI Trade Up service.

Which Kind of Devices Can I Trade In?

For the exact tradeable model names and their estimated DJI Credit Value, you can check out this website.

How Can I Buy Mavic 2 with DJI Trade Up?

  1. Enter the DJI Trade Up website and select your product details which are device type, model name, and condition. In the end, you will receive an estimated DJI Credit value to get an idea for the price range of your old gear. Once you decided to trade up, the next step will be to enter your address information.
  2. Confirm that the shown information is correct and read the DJI Trade Up Terms and Condition carefully before submitting your case to DJI.
  3. Print out your mailing, attach it to your package and send it to your nearest FedEx service centers or Drop off locations.
  4. After your device reaches DJI, its actual DJI Credit value will be evaluated within 3 business days. When the evaluation is done and there is a big difference between estimated and actual value, DJI will send you the final value via email. You can accept the final value or request to return your device. If the estimated and actual value matches each other, DJI will apply for DJI Credit directly.
  5. Two-business days after you accept the final value by email or confirm the value matches the estimated one, the final value of your device will generate DJI Credits that will be stored in your DJI account.
  6. Now you can use the DJI Credits for purchasing Mavic 2 or any other DJI gear in the store.

How Can I Follow the Status of My Trade Up?

Enter this website and fill in your order number to track your order.

Can I Cancel My Trade Up?

Once you have accepted the assessed value of your Trade Up product, the deal can no longer be canceled.

If you choose not to accept the reassessed value, or if you do not reply within seven calendar days of our notice on the reassessed value, Re-Teck shall arrange FedEx Express to return the Trade Up product to you.

How Do I Pack My Device for Trade Up?

Use a carton box as the outside package for safe transport. Put your device in filling material like bubble wrap or newspapers to provide cushioning.

Can I Trade Up Broken Devices?

Yes, you can. But it will influence its DJI Credits value.

How Much do DJI Credits Worth?

DJI Credits will worth the same as the currency you use to buy products from the DJI Store.

Click here to enter this website and learn more about the DJI Rewards Program Details by clicking on “See details”.

Can My DJI Credits Expire?