DJI GO 4 Manual: The Pilot’s Handbook

DJI GO 4 General Settings:

DJI Go 4 Manual General Settings

This is where you can adjust the general settings.

Measurement Units: Here you can choose how your parameters are displayed in DJI GO 4, and you have a choice of in m/s, km/h, or Imperial units.

Long Press Action: This can be set to either Gimbal Control or Focus. If set to Gimbal Control then when you long press the screen you will be able to move the gimbal up and down by dragging your finger. If set to Focus then when you long press the screen a green box comes up showing the focus of the composition.

Live Streaming: Here you can enable live streaming to Facebook or other popular social media platforms. To enable it all you have to do is choose your preferred platform and log into your account, then follow the onscreen prompts.


DJI Go 4 Manual General Settings

In the Map settings you toggle on and off Show Flight Route and Cache the Map in the Background which means that DJI GO 4 will store the local map, so it doesn’t need to download it every time. Keep the Calibrate Map Coordinates (For China Mainland) turned off unless you live in Mainland China.

Video Cache:

DJI Go 4 Manual General Settings 2

If this is enabled, then DJI GO 4 will save videos to your phone as well as your Micro SD card. If enabled you can set the maximum amount of space you want to use for video cache as well as setting it up to automatically clear space once a certain amount of disk space is used. The last setting is Record Audio with the Video Cache. If this enabled, it means your mobile device will record the audio around you when you take a video.

DJI GO 4 Manual Contents:

Introduction and Camera View

Main Controller Settings

Visual Navigation Settings

Remote Controller Settings

Image Transmission, Battery, Wi-Fi, and Virtual Joystick Settings

Gimbal Settings

Camera Settings

Intelligent Flight Modes