DJI GO 4 Manual: The Pilot’s Handbook

Remote Controller Settings:

Here you can configure your remote controller’s settings.DJI Go 4 Manual Remote Controller Settings

Remote Controller Calibration: Here you can calibrate your remote controller’s sticks and toggle wheels. You can only calibrate the RC when the aircraft is turned off. To calibrate just follow the onscreen instructions.

Stick Mode: This is where you can choose the stick mode for how to fly your aircraft. Mode 2 is the default for both the remote controller and the virtual joysticks. 
DJI Go 4 Manual Remote Controller Settings Stick Mode

Set to Fixed-Wing Mode: Here you can toggle fixed-wing mode on and off. In this mode, the drone will fly forward automatically at a certain speed after entering Fixed-Wing Mode. Push the left stick up to ascend and down to descend. Push either stick left or right to rotate the aircraft.

Remote Controller LCD Screen Introduction: This screen will give a brief overview of what you are seeing when you look at the Remote Controllers screen This is currently available for the Mavic Pro only.

DJI Go 4 Manual Mavic LCD Screen

Button Customization: You can set what the C1 & C2 buttons do when pressed. You have a choice of DJI Go 4 Manual Remote Controller Settings 1Turn on/off Front LEDs turns the aircraft’s front LEDs on or off, so you can avoid any glare when taking photos.

Centre-weighted Metering tells the camera to evaluate the light in the middle of the frame.

AF Lock/Unlock locks or unlocks the autofocus.

Advanced camera settings for quick access to ISO, Shutter, and EV settings.

Camera Forward/Down will switch camera direction from facing forward to 90° down.

Gimbal follow/FPV mode. Follow mode (Phantom 3 series only) is the one we usually use for video shooting, which supports 3-axis stabilization. FPV mode locks Roll axis stabilization, so the pilot can see the camera’s horizontal tilt while turning or going sideways.

Toggle map/live view brings the map to the full screen.

Clear flight route function clears the past route line on a map.

Battery info shows voltage and capacity left in the battery.

Playback shows you your photos or videos.

Centre Auto Focus makes the camera focus on the center of the frame

Right Dial ISO/Shutter Control alternates what the right dial controls.

5D Button Customization:

When flying the Mavic Pro, this lets you control what the 5D joystick button does, which are: DJI Go 4 Manual Remote Controller 5D

Camera Forward/Down will switch camera direction from facing forward to 90° down.

Zoom In makes the camera zoom in.

Zoom Out makes the camera zoom out.

Portrait Mode makes the camera rotate into a vertical position.

Focusing/Metering switches between focus and metering when in manual focus.

AE Lock locks the focus and exposure values when taking a photo.

Other Settings:

Remote Controller Type: Here you can set a controller as master or slave if you are using dual remote controllers.

Linking Remote Controller: To link the remote controller to the aircraft.

DJI GO 4 Manual Contents:

Introduction and Camera View

DJI GO 4 General Settings

Main Controller Settings

Visual Navigation Settings

Image Transmission, Battery, Wi-Fi, and Virtual Joystick Settings

Gimbal Settings

Camera Settings

Intelligent Flight Modes