DJI GO 4 Manual: The Pilot’s Handbook

Camera Settings:

This is where you can adjust the following camera settings:DJI Go 4 Manual Aperture

Auto: The camera decides what it thinks are the optimal settings for your photo or video.

Aperture (A) This controls how much light gets through when you take a picture. This is measured in ‘f-stops.’ A smaller f-stop number means a bigger aperture and so more light comes through, and a bigger f-stop number means a smaller aperture, so less light comes through. In A mode, you can set the Aperture, but other settings will still be set automatically to match exposure.

Shutter (S) The Shutter controls for how long light is let into the lenses. To simplify the shutter, a low shutter speed lets more light in and is good for taking pictures in dim lighting while a high shutter speed lets in more light and is good for taking crisp shots of moving objects or people. In S mode, you can set the shutter speed, but other settings will be set automatically to match exposure

Manual (M) – You can set both Aperture and Shutter manually for maximum control.

EV (Exposure Compensation Value): This dial shows you how far away from the recommended settings you are before you take a photo with manual settings. Ideally, you want the EV to read 0 as if it’s +2 then your whites will be far too bright and if it’s -2 then your picture will be very dark. There are some situations where you might want a high or low EV for example if you are trying to take a picture in a dark environment with a slow shutter speed then you will want a higher EV setting. To learn more Aperture, Shutters & EV check out  Drone Camera Settings: All You Need to Know.

Photo Settings:

Here you can adjust the way your camera takes pictures.

DJI Go 4 Manual Camera Settings

Here you can select the mode for how the pictures are taken.

DJI Go 4 Manual Camera Settings PhotoSingle Shot: The standard mode, it takes a 1 picture every time you tap the shoot button.

HDR Shot (High Dynamic Range): If this option is selected then the camera will take three images of the same scene. One will be underexposed, another overexposed and the last will be properly exposed then it will combine the three images to create a more dynamic JPEG.

Multiple: With this mode, the camera will take multiple pictures when you press the shoot button. You might want to use this mode if you are trying to get a shot of a moving subject.

AEB (Automatic Exposure Bracketing): This can be set to 3 or 5 shots and works similarly to HDR Shots taking overexposed, underexposed and properly exposed photos. However, in AEB the images are in RAW and not combined as this is up to the user to combine them with image editing software. (Not Spark)

Timed Shot: This allows you to set a countdown timer before the shot is taken, it’s useful for taking selfies.

Pano: Capture a panoramic image quickly. Read this article for more details about Pano mode. Pano has another mode attached to it called Sphere mode; this is where the drone will take multiple shots and stitch them together to make a sphere shaped image. For more details check out this article.

ShallowFocus: This mode allows you to create a depth of field effect in your photo.

Image Size:DJI Go 4 Manual Camera Settings Image Size

You can choose the size of your picture 4:3 this is the old standard 35mm size that used to be common during the SD era of TVs. 16:9 this is the common size for HD capable devices and 3:2 is the traditional size for printed photos (3:2 P4P).

Image Format:DJI Go 4 Manual Camera Settings Image Format

In this area, you can choose between taking photos in RAW, JPEG and RAW + JPEG. (NOTE Spark can only take pictures in JPEG) Read this article for a more in-depth look at RAW vs. JPEG.

White Balance:DJI Go 4 Manual Camera Settings White Balance

This is the process of removing unrealistic color casts so that objects which appear white in person are rendered white in your photo.  It is measured in Kelvins. If you have Auto selected, then the camera will decide what the best setting is. You can also choose from a selection of profiles or set it yourself.

Colour Temperature Light Source
1000 – 2000 K Candlelight
2500 – 3500 K Tungsten Bulb
3000 – 4000 K Sunrise/Sunset (clear sky)
4000 – 5000 K Fluorescent Lamps
5000 – 5500 K Electronic Flash
5000 – 6500 K Daylight with Clear Sky
6500 – 8000 K Moderately Overcast Sky
9000 – 10000 K Shade or Heavily Overcast Sky

Style:DJI Go 4 Manual Camera Settings Style

This is where you can configure the sharpness, contrast, and saturation of the images or videos that your drone’s camera takes. (Triangle) Digital Sharpness this makes the picture sharper. (Circle) Contrast controls the strength of the lights and the darks in the picture. (Rectangle) Saturation of colors low saturation makes the photos look dull, and high saturation make the colors pop. These can be set in a range of -3 to +3.

Color: DJI Go 4 Manual Camera Settings Color

Here you can set the camera color profile. These settings affect the colors in your photo.  D – Cinelike and D –Log are both designed for taking photos that will be post-processed later on. The rest of the color profiles are ready to go with no post-processing required.

Other Camera Options:

Here you can turn on and off a variety of settings. The options available are drone dependent. The screenshots used in this section are from the Mavic Pro.DJI Go 4 Manual Camera Settings Extra 1

Histogram: Turning this on will make a little histogram box appear on the screen. This box will show the exposure of the picture you are going to take. The left side of the graph represents the blacks or shadows, the right-side represents the highlights or the bright areas, and the middle section is the mid tones. For a more in-depth look at this histogram click here.

Front LEDs Auto Turn off: If this switch is toggled it means your Front LEDs will turn off when you start recording.

Lock Gimbal When Capture: If this is toggled on then the gimbal will try to keep the camera pointing in the same direction when you take a photo. If it is turned off, then the gimbal will follow the movement of the aircraft.

Enabled AFC Mode: AFC stands for ‘Auto Focus Continuous,’ and if this is toggled on then the camera will automatically focus when you start recording.

MF Focus Assistant (P4P): If this is toggled it helps you to focus when shooting in the manual camera mode.

Mechanical Shutter (P4P + Inspire 2): If this is enabled then it will prevent getting ‘jelly’ images when taking a photo of a fast movie subject.

Portrait Capture (Mavic): Enabling this spins the gimbal into portrait mode.

Over Exposure Warning: If you turn this on then the app will tell you when your photo is overexposed. (MAVIC/ Phantom 4 / Inspire 2)

Auto Sync HD Photos: If this setting is enabled then the aircraft will stream full resolution pictures taken from the drone to the mobile device during flight.DJI Go 4 Manual Camera Settings Extra 2

Long Exposure Preview: If this is toggled a preview of a long exposure shot will pop up before you take the shot.

Video Caption: If this is toggled on then when you take a video the app will make a text-based subtitle file (SRT) that contains information about Altitudes, GPS, ISO, Shutter, Barometer, Home Point GPS coordinates, etc.

Grid: Turning this one will bring up a guidelines grid to help you frame your pictures better following the rule of thirds. You can also turn on diagonals to help find your leading lines.

Centre Points: Here you can choose the visual style of your center point in the live view.

Anti-Flicker: This prevents flicker when recording and it has two options 50 Hz and 60 Hz. These options are region based with Europe being 50 Hz and the US is 60 Hz.

File Index Mode: This controls the file numbers assigned to videos and photo you make with your drone. If you set it to continuous, then the number will just keep on going up with every picture or video you take. If it is reset, then the number will start again at 001.

Peak Focus Threshold: This adds red lines around edges to indicate focus. You can switch between off/low/normal/high these setting control when the effect activates.

Format SD Card: This wipes your SD card’s information.

Reset Camera Settings: This will reset camera’s settings to default if activated.

Video Settings:

Here you can configure how drone takes videos.

Video Size:DJI Go 4 Manual Camera Settings Video

Here you can choose from a range of resolutions and frames per second. The options you’ll see here will depend on what drone you’re flying or which camera you have attached to your Inspire 2.

Video Format:DJI Go 4 Manual Camera Settings Video Format

Here you can choose what file type your video is in. Again the options you’ll see here depends on what drone you are flying or which camera you have attached to your Inspire 2.


These are formats used for displaying videos. To put it basically, if you’re in the Americas, then you’ll want it set to NTSC, and the rest of the world uses PAL.

DJI GO 4 Manual Contents:

Introduction and Camera View

DJI GO 4 General Settings

Main Controller Settings

Visual Navigation Settings

Remote Controller Settings

Image Transmission, Battery, Wifi & Virtual Joystick Settings

Gimbal Settings

Intelligent Flight Modes