DJI Goggles RE Hands-On: Unboxing & First Look

1. Unboxing & First Look

The DJI Goggles Racing Edition (RE) are finally here, but are they worth the wait? Here’s a first look and unboxing for DJI’s newer, better looking, and even more comfortable goggles.

▲ On opening the box, you’ll see the Goggles body, headband, and charger, which is variable by region.

▲ In the middle of the box at the bottom is another smaller box containing a Micro USB cable, HDMI cable, wire clip, reversed SMA connector, and Pagoda antenna (SMA interface).

2. So What’s New?


First things first, the DJI Goggles RE are an entirely different color than before, appearing in a metallic matte black finish with a redesigned visor and headband.

The included Pagoda antenna can switch between digital and analog transmission for a multitude of applications and scenarios and is used primarily for FPV racing.

Red Leather

One striking difference is the all-new, high-quality red leather padding lining the inside of the headband. The original DJI Goggles were comfortable, but this is next-level stuff.

Functional Improvements

The DJI Goggles RE retain every function of the original DJI Goggles and are compatible with all DJI drones for FPV immersive flight. That means they’re also great for movie watching or console gaming from the comfort of your sofa.

But if the name hasn’t given it away already, the DJI Goggles RE have been precisely engineered and designed with FPV drone racing in mind.

The DJI Goggles RE are compatible with an OcuSync video transmission module and a high-performance camera module, which work in tandem to transmit the digital video signal from up to 7 km away but with latency as low as 50 ms.

The DJI Goggles RE are also compatible with two other antennas. The cylindrical antenna produces a more focused signal, which is good for long-range transmission. The dipole antenna is ideal for omnidirectional flight, enabling sharper FPV feeds in wide open spaces. Both are sold separately.


Original vs. RE: Which is the One for You?

Depends on what you want to do with them, really. Buy the original pair if you want all the normal functionality of a pair of high-end goggles. With your budget in mind, the original pair are now $100 cheaper. Or why not be seduced by the newer new DJI Goggles RE? Sure, the new color and comfy red leather are alluring, but you might just be the type of person itching to race drones in the best possible FPV way. In which case it’s obvious what pair of goggles to go for.

Buy DJI Goggles RE USD $549DJI GogglesBuy DJI Goggles USD $449

DJI Goggles Racing Edition FAQ

What are the main differences between DJI Goggles Racing Edition (RE) and DJI Goggles?

DJI Goggles RE feature a redesigned facial pad and headband, making them even more comfortable to wear. In addition to all the functions of DJI Googles, DJI Goggles RE also support Sphere pano photo viewing and local video playback. DJI Goggles RE also work with the DJI OcuSync Air Unit and can receive analog video signal.

Which DJI drones are compatible with DJI Goggles RE?

DJI Goggles RE work with all the DJI drones compatible with the original DJI Goggles, including the Spark, Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Series, and Inspire 2.

What’s the SMA port on the body of the Goggles RE for?

In addition to the four antennas built into the original DJI Goggles, DJI Goggles RE are also compatible with external antennas, which work with the built-in ones to support 5.8 GHz video transmission. The external antennas connect to the SMA port on the Goggles’ body.

What video formats do DJI Goggles RE support?


Do DJI Goggles RE support any third-party flight controllers or remote controllers?

Yes.Supported flight controllers: KISS, F3, F4, and NazeSupported remote controllers: X9D (FrSky), DEVO 10 (Walkera), T8FG (Futaba), T14SG (Futaba), WTF09sll (WFLY), and AT9S (RadioLink)

How can I view Sphere pano photos with DJI Goggles RE?

1. Sphere panos on SkyPixel can be downloaded to an SD card and viewed with Goggles in the Local Storage interface.2. If Sphere panos are saved to a DJI aircraft, you can download the photos to Goggles RE from Aircraft Storage then view them in the Local Storage interface.3. To view Sphere photos from a PC directly, go to SkyPixel and download them via DJI Assistant. Then you can view the photos in the Local Storage interface.


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