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There are couples for which the phrase “a match made in heaven” is just perfectly true. We often can’t help but marvel at them when seeing one in real life. And when these duos look good and do good together, now that’s a power couple. Luckily, it’s not destiny alone that makes everything go so smoothly for these pairs. DJI Mini 2 and DJI Pocket 2 present: seven features of happy, creative relationships that we all can learn from.

Secret #1– If you want to go far, go together

Curiosity is a strong propeller for our creativity, and it can never be used enough. For couples, it also can never be shared enough! When taking Mini 2 and Pocket 2 onto your next adventure, rest assured your curiosity will be fed to the max. For one reason, they were both made to travel with a compact, lightweight, and instantly handy design.

DJI Mini 2 has up to 31 minutes of flight time and is less than 249 g, meaning you can fly it in more places and for longer than any other drone of its quality.

Plus, with only 249g, DJI Mini 2 is allowed to fly at more places than any other drone of that quality. And if you ever find yourself somewhere our FlyCam can’t go, Pocket 2 is instantly ready to keep filming whatever catches your curiosity, with the exact same smoothness from the mini drone – whether in buildings, on a ride, and even underwater.

Travel and create together, then come back with twice the memories.

Secret #2– Let your weakness be the strength of the other

Like any great team, creative couples instinctively focus on their mate, adding strengths when in action. In the case of Pocket 2 and Mini 2, one is a great listener, and the other… keeps an eye on the big picture.

DJI Pocket 2, with its DJI Matrix Stereo sound technology, creates a perfect all-around audio experience for any video. The four microphones in the handle keep adjusting to the direction of the camera to make the memories even more dynamic and therefore authentic.

So, when Mini 2 performs one of those magical “one-tap-flight-route selfies,” Pocket 2 records your sweet talk, reactions of joy, raucous laughter, and whistled love songs. You will feel like you’re in your own movie when you put that footage together: seeing yourself from the air while hearing your voice, sharp, clear, and close. Roll credits. The end.

Secret #3– Always keep an eye on each other

Show that you care by staying aware of where your partner is at the moment, becoming the audience when the other performs, or simply keeping an eye on each other.

Pocket 2 and Mini 2 help you to capture your and your partner’s movements in the smoothest way possible, thanks to their motorized 3-axis gimbals. They are also equipped with the most stable technology for tracking, with DJI Pocket 2 using Active Track 3.0 and DJI Mini 2 delivering QuickShots and OcuSync 2.0 transmission. These moment-capturing devices will for sure keep “their eyes” on each other by grabbing a steady shot on you two lovebirds.

DJI Pocket 2 and DJI Mini 2 Features

Secret #4– Use what you have in common  

It’s no news that the more similarities we share with others, the better we get along. In this sense, Mini 2 and Pocket 2 are true soulmates. Their motto is to not only share what they like but to actually do it, together.

Apart from the super-smooth footage our couple creates, both are equally capable of creating high-quality images and videos while fitting in any bag, so leave your old, bulky cameras at home. Mini 2 shoots 12MP photos and 4x zoom, and Pocket 2 captures 64MP photos and even 8x zoom. They both record 4K video and panoramas, are super easy to handle, intelligent, come with smart apps, and are especially perfect for spontaneous action.

Go for it! Spend a day in the city park, create art, go for a walk, drive to the lake, relax in the woods. Ski, bike, swim, hike, or just hold hands while you watch the sunset. Mini 2 and Pocket 2 are ready for anything, anytime. Just go and perfectly capture that special moment!

Secret #5– Remember: Trust is key

Even soulmates need their own space. And giving your better half the freedom they need can be both a necessary and difficult thing to do.

Mini 2 always knows where its home is. When needed, it will return with the tap of a button. Simply enjoy more aerial freedom from up to 10 km away, thanks to this FlyCam’s strong transmission capabilities. Even winds up to Level 5 are no problem for this mini, mighty drone.

And in the other hand, we have Pocket 2. A whole day of exploring might not always go smoothly, and Pocket 2 could possibly slip out of your grasp. Luckily, with a built-in Drop Aware feature, the gimbal will flip the camera in to help keep it safe if it hits the ground. When wearing its Waterproof case, Pocket 2 can even film underwater at depths of up to 60 m. See, both are able to protect themselves, which makes it easier to trust each other. And trust is… well, you know.

Secret #6– Love is what you create together

Although there are good reasons for hiring a professional for a couple’s photoshoot, you can have a lot of fun by testing, shooting, and creating images by yourself. And with both Pocket 2 and Mini 2 in your toolbox, you get all the possibilities, perspectives, and quality you want.

Thinking of a selfie on a boat? How about an aerial video where you kiss each other, including a perfect “behind the kiss” timelapse by Pocket 2. Thinking of a hand-in-hand walk through that lavender field? Why not take it from far away and as close as possible at the same time. Thinking of a snow fight in the Alps? Think of impressive footage from above while chasing your better half, all from a first-person view. When you combine the footage from a FlyCam like Mini 2 and a handheld camera like Pocket 2, everything is possible.

Secret #7– Make better memories

Like the classic love song says, you never want to miss a thing. And you definitely want to stay lost in a moment forever? Of course! Great memories are the essence of every good story, especially a love story. 

Pocket 2 and Mini 2 create videos and images that live on through quality, sound, perspectives, and features. But, when they are done with shooting, they’re not actually done. Both make use of the great features their apps have to offer. An AI editor and the Story mode let you add music and effects to turn your Pocket 2 footage into cinematic films in a blink of an eye. Mini 2 has QuickTransfer and many other Instant Editing features that create great memories literally out of thin air.

The best part of these editing features? Both the DJI Mimo and DJI Fly apps allow editing of each other’s footage. Just open your app, mix, cut, and share your lovely content. No expensive video editing software needed. You’ll see.

Finally, maybe the best takeaway from our time with the little creative couple Pocket 2 and Mini 2 – shooting great videos and images is easy, fun, and exciting. But using the footage to create, edit, and share perfect memories… that is true love.

On that note, we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

DJI Mini 2 

DJI Pocket 2 


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