DJI OM 4 Tutorials: Setup, Tips, Tricks


Would you like to step up your phone cinematography game? Be it for professional or casual content creation, DJI OM 4 is the answer! Read on to discover the ultimate DJI OM 4 tutorials, covering setup, new features, and more!

Introducing DJI OM 4

Long story short, DJI OM 4 is the latest and greatest DJI phone gimbal currently on the market. It features a new magnetic mounting mechanism, advanced features, and smooth stabilization that make filmmaking easy for everyone. Is it that good? Check it out for yourself!


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How to Setup and Use DJI OM 4

Let’s get straight into the first DJI OM 4 tutorial. 

1. Download DJI Mimo for DJI OM 4

Setting up the DJI OM 4 is faster than ever. First thing first, be sure to download and install the DJI Mimo app from the App Store or Google Play. DJI Mimo is essential if you want to take advantage of all the cool gimbal features and settings.

2. Mount a Phone to DJI OM 4

Next up, DJI gives us the ability to choose between not one, but two mounting options. I’d recommend the DJI OM 4 Magnetic Ring Holder for those users who like to keep their mobile device the way it was intended to be used—yes—without a case! The best way to attach the ring holder is by sticking it in the back of your device. 

You can also place your phone into the DJI OM 4 Magnetic Phone Clamp, which is much more convenient than trying to fit it into Osmo Mobile 3’s clamp. Check out the full DJI Osmo Mobile 4 vs. Osmo Mobile 3 comparison here.

Simply place and centre the magnetic phone clamp on your mobile device in a position that the DJI logo is in line with your phone’s camera alignment. In the end, mounting your device on DJI OM 4 takes literally a few seconds. Simply unfold the gimbal and align the magnet with the magnetic point (white dot) printed on the DJI OM 4.

3. Attach the Grip Tripod to DJI OM 4

This time, the beloved Grip Tripod comes with DJI OM 4 as a standard accessory included in the box. Even though the DJI OM 4 gimbal is lightweight, having the possibility to place it on a fixed and stable position is gold! The quarter inch mount on the bottom of the phone gimbal makes it easy to place and tighten the tripod mount.

Once both points are locked into position, you can unfold the tripod and place DJI OM 4 on a flat surface. The DJI OM 4 Grip Tripod is perfect for those stunningly wide Panorama shots and timelapse videos.

4. Activate DJI OM 4

Activating the DJI OM 4 before you use it is just as simple as using the gimbal itself. As soon as your phone is placed on the gimbal, simply go ahead and press the (M) button to initiate the power-on process. Be sure that your Bluetooth is activated first, then go ahead and launch the DJI Mimo app. You’ll need to log in to your DJI account (set up one now).

It’s also good to know that the warranty starts from the moment of activation. After the successful activation process, you can tap on the camera icon found in the upper left corner to access the camera view. It’s a simple as that.

How to Use DJI OM 4

Here’s a short breakdown of the physical button functions on DJI OM 4 and how to use them:

M Button

By pressing the M button once, you can switch between video and photo modes. Pressing it twice changes the landscape to portrait mode and vice-versa. A double tap is all you need if you are creating portrait content, which is great for all you social media fans!

Zoom Slider

The Zoom Slider positioned on left side of the DJI OM 4 lets you control your camera phone for some creative footage.


The pitch and pan are gimbal movements that can be controlled by using the inbuilt joystick on DJI OM 4. If you press the trigger twice, you can recenter your phone. And if you consecutively press the trigger three times, you can switch between the front and rear facing cameras.

Shutter Button

A single press of the shutter button lets you take a photo or start and stop recording depending on the mode you’re currently in. You can press and hold the shutter button to activate burst shooting when in photo mode.

How to Use ActiveTrack 3.0 on DJI OM 4

Are you wondering how to use the ActiveTrack function on DJI OM 4? Say no more!

ActiveTrack 3.0 on DJI OM 4 is not only limited to recognize adult faces only. Thanks to advanced deep learning algorithms, the ActiveTrack face recognition has been significantly updated. Now it can recognize and track even more, whether that be your child’s first steps or a playful puppy.

Trigger Control

Let’s say you’re out in the “wild” and would like to track something as quickly as possible. Press the trigger once and DJI OM 4 will automatically detect and track your subject in the center of your camera view. Trigger control makes tracking easier than ever.

Select the Subject

ActiveTrack can also be enabled on DJI OM 4 by literally drawing a green rectangle around your subject in the DJI Mimo app.

Gesture Control

DJI gives two types of gesture controls with the DJI OM 4. For the first option, you have a palm gesture, which means you can raise your hand and it will start taking a photo or a video. The second is the V “victory” gesture (we’re all winners with the DJI OM 4). Both gestures trigger the gesture control features.

One thing I really like from the new DJI OM 4 is that now you can stop recording with one of the above-mentioned hand gestures, without needing to fiddle around in the menu. This is a really neat feature especially when you’re filming yourself from a couple of meters away. Please note that there’s a three-second countdown before the activation process. Gesture control can also be turned off to avoid unwanted activation.

How to Take a Timelapse on DJI OM4

One of my most important and all-time favourite phone gimbal features is timelapse mode. If you’re new to timelapse shooting and don’t really know what is it all about, you’ll know the answer pretty fast! I’d compare a timelapse video to time-travel. The viewer gets fast forwarded by compressing minutes or hours of single pictures into a long clip of footage.

With the DJI OM 4, it’s easier than ever to create epic timelapse photos without any complicated post-processing skills required. A bunch of algorithms do everything to aid the creation process.

Just like with any other DJI OM 4 features, you need to scroll through the feature list and select the correct mode. Timelapse settings can be accessed at the top of the screen. You can set the interval and durations, which are the time between your photos and the overall shooting time, respectively.  

To make the DJI OM 4 timelapse feature even more exciting, you can now select Motionlapse, which is positioned next to the duration setting. Set the desired direction by pulling the physical joystick and press + to set the first position. Out of four positions, at least two need to be selected. Once the positions are set you can select resolution, FPS/ ISO, Shutter speed/EV. Press the shutter button and grab a coffee.

How to Use CloneMe Pano on DJI OM 4

Clone yourself and be in multiple places at the same time. No need to go through a difficult and time-consuming editing process. Not to mention the costs of using a professional third-party editing software. Basically, the DJI CloneMe Pano takes multiple photos in a given interval, merging all the photos into an epic panorama.

Switch to the front camera by quickly pressing the trigger three times. Go ahead and select the panorama icon on the DJI Mimo screen and select the CloneMe feature. A simple press of the shutter button will start the process. You have four seconds at your disposal to get into position before the countdown ends. Get to the next position and wait for the next shot to be taken. The process needs to be repeated three times since three pictures are stitched together.

How to Use Dynamic Zoom on DJI OM 4

Dynamic Zoom transforms the viewing experience of your audience by producing a warping effect with the foreground and background. This feature definitely offers a punch and takes your phone cinematography to the next level.

Switch to Dynamic Zoom by scrolling between functions and selecting the desired effect. Drag a box around your subject and wait for the green box to appear. Press the shutter button and move backwards (ninja walk recommended). For a move out effect, you’ll need to stop recording when 3x zoom or more is reached. For a move in effect, 1x zoom is enough! Just like with any other automated features on DJI OM 4, the DJI Mimo app automatically generates the final scene.

Buy DJI OM 4

Without no doubt DJI OM 4 is the most feature packed DJI phone gimbal at a great price point. The magnetic design is intuitive and makes it so quick to start shooting whenever you want. The foldable design makes it easy to transport the gimbal in your bag or in a sling. The motors have also been improved to handle more weight, which comes in handy if you’re using additional lenses or filters attached to your mobile device. I almost forgot to mention the incredible 15 hours of battery life you get with DJI OM 4. If you are a vlogger, traveller, professional, or a beginner, DJI OM 4 is my go-to choose for creating fun, stabilized footage. 

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