DJI Osmo Mobile & FiLMiC Pro – Become a Filmmaker with a Smartphone Stabilizer

If you’re into mobile media production, you’ve probably heard of the DJI Osmo Mobile. The DJI Osmo Mobile is an industry-leading handheld smartphone stabilizer. Equipped with Osmo mobile and used together with the professional video app Filmic Pro, your smartphone can produce some incredible footage.

Wondering what the DJI Osmo Mobile is truly capable of?  We enlisted the help of a talented young creator, Aytan Lachish, to see what he could make using just the FiLMiC Pro app, an iPhone SE, and the Osmo Mobile. The results blew us away!


That whole video was shot with an iPhone SE mounted to the Osmo Mobile. Notice the distinct absence of shaky footage. Whether Aytan was walking through the woods, running on the road, or jumping up on the car, the shots are pleasantly smooth. This is because the Osmo Mobile solves the biggest problem of smartphone video: shakiness. By refining and miniaturizing 3-axis gimbal technology, DJI brought video stabilization to the average consumer.

Aytan also adjusted his smartphone camera’s exposure, saturation, and tone with FilMic Pro to make each shot look professional. Additionally, since the app gives users full control over frame rates, Aytan was able to shoot some shots at 24fps and others at 120fps for slow motion.

Today’s day and age, simple rigs can yield solid results. With many cell phone cameras now capable of shooting in 4k and at high frame rates, filmmaking possibilities are multitudinous and barriers to entry have been lowered. With the Osmo Mobile and amazing video apps, anyone can be a filmmaker.

Here are some technical details about Aytan’s video:
– Shot entirely on the iPhone SE with the DJI OSMO Mobile
– Shot using the incredible FiLMiC Pro in 4k @ 24fps/100Mbps and 1080p @120fps/100Mbps for slow-mo.
– Graded using FilmConvert in Premiere Pro CC.、

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