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If you love drones and cameras, there’s no better place to shop than the DJI Online Store, and there’s no better membership program to join than DJI Select! We’ve got loads of small drones, big drones, camera stabilizers, and useful accessories that will always keep you coming back for more, and DJI Select makes coming back for more, er, more fun than before!

Now, you may be asking yourself…

What is DJI Select?

DJI Select is a membership program for the DJI Online Store that offers special coupons, prioritized shipping, discounted DJI Care, and more.

Why Should I Buy DJI Select?

Accessories Coupon

We value loyal customers, so we created DJI Select as a way to reward them. If you love DJI products and frequently shop at the DJI Online Store, you’ll get lots of opportunities to save. For one, as soon as you sign up, you’ll get five 20% off accessory coupons for supported drones (Spark, Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, Mavic Pro Platinum, Mavic Pro Alpine white, Phantom 4 Advanced, Phantom 3 Standard, Phantom 3 SE, Osmo mobile2,Osmo mobile, Osmo+, Osmo with more products supported in the future). All accessories qualify for the discount, including extra batteries!


DJI Care Refresh 50% OFF

Also, if you’re buying a new drone, you’ll get 50% off a DJI Care plan (for the drones listed above). Click here to learn why purchasing DJI Care is absolutely worth the price, especially when it’s half off!

DJI Care Refresh


Extra Surprise

On top of that, you’ll get exclusive special offers sent to your email inbox periodically, prioritized delivery when you purchase new DJI product, and extra coupons on your birthday. What’s not to love!?


How do I become a DJI Select member?

DJI Select is currently available in these regions: United States, China, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Anyone who’s purchased a selected DJI product at any point in the past can purchase a year-long DJI Select membership for just US$29.

If you have already purchased a selected DJI product in the past, just log into the DJI Online Store with your DJI account and go the DJI Select webpage. If you’re eligible to purchase DJI Select, the webpage will allow you to do so.


 So what are you waiting for?

Get DJI Select today! If you have any questions about DJI Select,
contact our support team at or via live chat.

 DJI Select FAQ

1. How can I know if I’m eligible to purchase DJI Select?

Visit the DJI Select web page while logged into your DJI account. You will see a “Join Today” button on the site if you are eligible.

2. I have purchased a supported aircraft and DJI Care. Why am I still not able to purchase the DJI Select?

Please contact our support team with your order information.

3. Are there any time requirements on orders for purchasing DJI Select?


4. Do DJI Select accessory coupons apply to just one accessory or can each coupon apply to multiple accessories in a single order?

You can use accessory coupons when purchasing designated DJI Select accessories. If purchasing multiple designated accessories in a single order, only the most expensive accessory in the order will be discounted. Only one coupon can be used per order.

5. Can I transfer my DJI Select membership to others?


6. Can I cancel my DJI Select membership?


7. Can I purchase multiple DJI Select memberships if I place multiple orders that make me eligible?

No. One account can only be tied to one DJI Select membership.

8. How long does a DJI Select membership last? Can I renew my membership after it expires?

A DJI Select membership lasts for one year. You can renew your membership after it expires without needing to purchase another DJI drone with DJI Care.

9. What accessories does DJI Select cover?

Designated aircraft accessories and third-party accessories, excluding DJI Goggles.

10. Can I use DJI Credits or coupons to purchase DJI Select?


11. What’s the validity period for accessory coupons?

One year.

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