Newly Released: 5 Spark Accessories You Need to Have

Spark Accessories are on sale now! If you’ve ever wondered how you could improve your Spark experience, then ponder no more. We’ve got 5 essential products to help you unlock the true potential of your Spark drone and help you to enjoy your flying experience, even more, knowing you have the power and safety to keep your Spark going for longer.

Extra Batteries Check the Price

One of the worst things to happen when out with your Spark is seeing something that would make an awesome photograph but then realizing that you don’t have enough juice left in your battery. While the Spark’s battery gives you a maximum of 16 minutes flying at 20 kph (12.4 mph) in perfect conditions, this isn’t always enough for the all the things you want to do. So why not have a couple of extra batteries just in case.

 Battery Charger Hub Check the Price

If you’ve got multiple batteries then charging them one by one can be a real time eating pain. The battery charging hub allows you to charge 3 in sequence or simultaneously in 90 minutes or less. It optimizes the charging based on the batteries’ power levels and cell voltage. When battery temperatures are low, the Charging Hub will limit the charging current to prevent a hazard and prolong battery life.

Propellers Guards Check the Price

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to clip yourself with the propellers in the past then you know it hurts, so protect your family, friends, pets and of course yourself especially when using your Spark indoor for selfies. These propeller guards enclose the propeller’s blades and are small, lightweight and easy to attach. While not necessary for experienced pilots they can bring ease of mind for new pilots or just someone launching their Spark from their hand or flying in an enclosed spaces

 Extra Propellers Check the Price

Sometimes crashes happen maybe a tree popped up from nowhere; Perhaps you were trying to be a daredevil. Either way, having your flying session ruined by breaking your propellers in a crash can really set back your day, but having some spares that you can quickly pop on your Spark can save you the grief of having to cancel the rest of your flight session.

Remote Controller Check the Price

Want to fly your drone at high-speed? Then you’ll want the remote controller, and soon your Spark can be zooming along at 50 kph (31 mph) in Sports mode with up to a 2km signal range helping you to access the wider world around you. Or you already have a controller but want to share the experience with your partner or friend then buy a second controller so you can fly using dual RCs.



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