Fifty Shades of Yellow

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Want to take striking aerial photos with your drone but life has drained your creative spirit? It’s time for you to look out for shades that can help you capture inspiring aerial photos and release your creative energy.

People have seen enough shades of grey, but not yellow. Don’t underestimate what you can do with yellow. Deep, rich, peaceful or muted, yellow can be a muse of inspiring aerial photography. Try it out, you will find that shades of yellow can leave you breathless. It can be the sun shining behind the winter fog, the flower field that you can’t wait to embrace or the sand washed by waves.

Aren’t you eager to add spark to your aerial photography and get the excitement back? Let this post motivate you to explore the wonderful shades of yellow and help you take inspiring photos.

aerial photography

Have these photos gotten your creative juices flowing? Take advantage of the colors in nature and use shades to tell your story. Don’t forget to share your photos with us on our Offical Owners Facebook group and Skypixel.

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