Let’s go behind the scenes with one of the most talented drone photographers on Instagram. Originally from Ireland, and now currently residing in Toronto, Canada, Gary Cummins (Instagram: garycphoto) started aerial photography in August 2017 with his Phantom 4 Advanced, which he named Droney Montana. Having lived in four countries, he has developed quite an eclectic photography style. Traveling, on the other hand, enriches his experiences and provides abundant inspiration for his creative process. “I have a great connection with the world around me. my style of aerial photography is a representation of the world through my eyes.”

The Creative Process: Personal Taste and Preference

Soaring above the vast areas of the world has been a dream for many. Aerial photography not only fulfills this dream, but also offers a brand new opportunity to marvel at nature’s wonders. “For me, drone photography is a means to tell a different story. A new angle to share with the world. We are so used to seeing the world from the ground; with drones a whole new perspective is available. Now we can look down from above, soaring in the sky like birds.” 

Before heading out with Droney Montana, Gary always conducts some research beforehand. He recommends using web tools such as Google Earth and social media channels like Facebook and Instagram for shooting inspiration. And thanks to the versatility of the Phantom 4 series, the mechanical shutter performs exceptionally in varied lighting conditions, providing Gary with the opportunity to change the aperture by simply using a remote controller in hand.

With respect to post-processing, he has a method that suits him the best. “I try to bring colors to life. Making the photos come alive is a great part of the experience. Using both Lightroom and Photoshop to edit enables me to get the most from my aerial photography. Ultimately, photo editing is all down to personal taste and preference. When you take a photo and edit it, you’re expressing yourself as an artist. The person behind the camera is showing themselves to the world; trust your instinct and go with it!”

Always Travel with Safety in Mind

From the vast moorlands of the Faroe Islands to the untamed playgrounds of the American Southwest, Gary revels in the diversity that comes with traveling. “The winding roads and the size of the Faroe Islands provides an instant sensory overload. Everything is so close together due to the size of the country.”

“A good way to obtain the best scenes for shooting is to plan and do your research before you go out there. As we know, the battery life of your drone is so valuable for your creative adventures. I use the DJI Car Charger for my power source. It’s so convenient. Simply, drive and charge.” 

Gary is a great example of a creative who has produced inspiring aerial photography while obeying local drone laws and regulations. “I often find information on websites specific to the countries I travel to and double check their laws. Safety is a main concern of mine; if the weather conditions are bad, I won’t fly. It’s best to abide by local regulations to ensure you have a smooth creative process.”

The Journey Moves Forward

When we talk to Gary about his next adventure, he remains nostalgic. “First I will go home for Christmas and spend some time with my family and friends. Then we shall see where the road takes me. I’m thinking of spending two months in Asia, or maybe two months driving through the West Coast of America. I’m also looking to add the Mavic 2 Pro to my drone collection; the quality of color from the Hasselblad camera is so amazing!” 

As Gary so triumphantly puts, “The world is my oyster, my playground of exploration and wonderful experiences.” You too can discover your connection with the world and capture the creative possibilities with the Mavic 2 today.

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