Low-light Phantom 4 vs Phantom 4 Pro Test – Lab Results

Low-light Test

The video made by tester Chris So compared the low-light performance of Phantom 4 and new Phantom 4 Pro. Chris So deserves some kind of award. He braved freezing temperatures – twice – to set up the ultimate low-light comparison between the Phantom 4 and the new Phantom 4 Professional, which features a 1″-type “R” CMOS sensor. The P4 has 12.4 effective megapixels; the P4P 20 megapixels.

What Chris wanted to see was how the images compared in terms of both low light and dynamic range. How deep would the blacks look? What will happen with the highlights? How much detail will there be in mid-tones? Overall, how do images taken by the two different cameras at the same place, at the same time, look when compared with one another?

It’s one thing to look at the video (remember to check out the video description)—and another to look at the charts.

Lab Results P4 vs. P4P

We have shown you how these two cameras compare in the lab. We ran them through an exhaustive DxO analysis that clearly showed the Phantom 4 Pro was better in a whole variety of areas, including color sensitivity, low-light performance, and more. For those of you who missed it, here is that data again. We’ll start with noise levels:

Phantom 4 vs. Phantom 4 Pro Noise

Phantom 4 noise screen and print

Now, a look at the dynamic range. The blue line is the P4P, showing greater dynamic range across multiple ISO settings.

Phantom 4 vs. Phantom 4 Pro Dynamic Range

Phantom 4 dynamic range

Color sensitivity was also tested – and again, you can see a clear difference between the P4P and the P4. This doesn’t mean the P4 is bad, of course – when that machine came out earlier this year people were blown away by its image and video qualities. What it does mean, is that the Phantom 4 Pro is that much better.

Phantom 4 vs. Phantom 4 Pro Color Sensitivity

Phantom 4 color sensitivity

The Article is first published in The Digital Circuit

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