Newly Released Mavic Pro Accessories

Accessories Updated on 12th, June 

Some slick new Mavic Pro accessories (one of which doubles for the Spark) just caught our attention, so we thought we should pass them along. The Mavic Pro, of course, has proven immensely popular – so it’s no surprise there’s some new gear available for the foldable drone. What is somewhat surprising is how cool some of this stuff is.

National Geographic Earth Explorer backpack

For starters, there’s the National Geographic Earth Explorer backpack as seen at the top of this story. The versatile backpack can be used as a camera carrying case, and can even tote an externally attached monopod or small tripod. Note the retro world map printed on the material.

But where it really excels is toting around the Mavic Pro. Check out the perfectly sized compartments. Looks like they’ve even snuck in a Fujifilm camera on the left, based on the controls and lens cap.

BackPack Mavic

The NatGeo backpack also features a padded laptop compartment, and is available for $129, tax and shipping included, right here.

National Geographic Walkabout backpack

If you happen to have the new intelligent Spark, don’t feel left out. There’s a smaller National Geographic Walkabout backpack that will work with either of the two drones.

NatGeo smaller


Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 7.25.41 PM

It also has a laptop compartment, and is just a single click away. Nice to see they snuck that Fujifilm in this pack, too.

Manfrotto -Gear Backpack Medium

For the more utilitarian shoppers, there’s a nice little combo unit from Manfrotto that will carry both the Mavic Pro and the Osmo.


It’s $90, including shipping and tax.

Itchy finger? Click here.

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Battery to Power Bank Adaptor

While we’re at it, we just happened to notice this little accessory – which may well have been on the store earlier. It’s an adaptor that will allow you to use the juice from a Mavic Pro Intelligent Flight Battery as a power bank. Simply attach to a battery and plug in up to two devices that can be charged via USB.

PowerBank Adaptor

At $19, this thing would be a lifesaver if you were out in the field with a drained smartphone and/or remote. You can pick up this here.

DJI Goggles

And finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind you that DJI Goggles are still in stock at the moment. We’ve got another video coming on these goggles within the next two days, and we’re still just as blown away by them as we were the first day we saw them.


DJI Goggles are available in limited numbers on DJI Store, with shipping July 4. If you want them for the summer, now is the time.


More Mavic Pro Accessories

The Propeller Cage

The Propeller Cage is a lightweight protective cage that mounts on the Mavic Pro’s arms and completely encircles a set of slightly smaller propellers. The cage system won’t work with the factory props, so you’d need to purchase a set of the 7728 quick release folding propellers.

The cage isn’t meant for experienced pilots (though it would be a great addition for indoor flying). Instead, the set is meant for those new to piloting, giving them a chance to hone their skills without the potential risk of “live” props.

With the added weight of the cages (and the smaller size of the propellers), the Mavic Pro has a maximum flight time of up to 12 minutes rather than the maximum 27 that can be achieved in stock mode. DJI recommends that the craft be flown in Tripod mode for better precision and stick control.

The Propeller Guards

There’s a second option for those who want a little more safety. DJI has also released Propeller Guards, similar in concept but differing in design from those available for the Phantom line.

Both the prop guards and the cage, says DJI, “help to protect the aircraft’s propellers especially in tight spaces and other locations where the Mavic Pro may fly in close proximity of objects.”

The New Charging Hub

DJI announced a few other add-ons. The new Charging Hub allows a user to charge up to four Intelligent Flight Batteries in a single session. It charges in sequence from the battery with the highest charge to the battery with the lowest – ensuring you’ll be in a position to fly as soon as possible. It’s also apparently compatible with the Phantom 4 series 100W charger – a combination that will reduce charging time even further.

Aircraft Sleeve

For toting your Mavic Pro around when you’re not flying, DJI has also released what it calls an Aircraft Sleeve. It’s padded on the inside, and will help reduce the risk of scratching and keep your Mavic Pro dust-free. Not a bad solution, since this is the type of drone that gets thrown in the car glove box on occasion.


Finally, DJI also announced a new remote controller monitor hood, as well as a set of Neutral Density filters – which allow greater control of the camera settings and image quality.

The Article is first published in The Digital Circuit