Are you looking for action camera tips to shoot creative films of your pets? Check out our Osmo Action tips and dive into a world of creative filmmaking wherever you are!

Whether you have a playful puppy, a cuddly cat, or another furry friend, our pets provide us with hours of joy. From adorable moments to action-packed adventure, check out these creative Osmo Action tips to help you capture purr-fect shots from the comfort of your home or back yard!

FPV Shots

Make your pet the star of the show by attaching Osmo Action to them with a harness accessory. The great thing about this type of shot is it gives you a unique filming perspective with minimal hassle. Let your pet jump over obstacles while you watch everything through the HD live view in DJI Mimo.

With a few simple taps, you can enable RockSteady to add smooth stabilization to all your fast-paced shots. This feature is especially useful when you are using a pet harness accessory or when you are chasing your pet around. Turn on 4K/60 fps, enable Dewarp, and enjoy the ride!

In addition to FPV shots, Osmo Action can shoot 4K/60fps video for over an hour. Even while your furry friend is busy racing around, there’s no need to worry because Osmo Action is lightweight and extremely durable.

Dive into the Action

Let’s dive into the next tip. Keep Osmo Action underwater as your pet jumps in to capture a fun shot. Osmo Action is waterproof at depths as far down as 60 meters, which means you can easily capture your pet swimming, playing in a paddling pool, or even getting cleaned up in the bath. The possibilities are endless!

Slow Motion Tricks

Before speeding through the rest of these tips, let’s slow things down a little. Osmo Action features 8x slow motion at 1080p/240 fps, providing the perfect opportunity to take exciting shots of your pet performing tricks. Set up a fun obstacle course in your back yard or capture your pet’s everyday actions at home in crystal-clear slow motion.


Timelapse lets you condense time into fun little segments that are perfect for vlogs or creative films. Use this feature to film your pet playing, sleeping, or doing other daily activities. Attach Osmo Action to the harness accessory on the back of your pet to showcase the passage of time from your pet’s unique perspective.

If you’re in the mood to mix things up a bit, adjust the shooting intervals and the total shooting duration. Pets can be quite unpredictable when filming, so we recommend taking a trial timelapse first to adjust composition, color, and lighting.

Unique Perspectives

Osmo Action can be attached almost anywhere with accessories to give you unique filming angles. Take advantage of how small Osmo Action is by placing it inside of objects to capture awesome shots of your pet.

Filming Your Pets with Osmo Action

Whether your pet is playing in the back yard, jumping around indoors, or splashing around in a pool, Osmo Action gives you endless ways to capture creative shots with ease. Practice shooting with these tips, get yourself some Osmo Action accessories, and start creating awesome videos!

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