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Before you hit the slopes, it’s time to choose the best action camera and equipment to capture your snowy adventure. Here are the best Osmo Action tips to help you shoot breathtaking snowboarding videos.

Osmo Action is a versatile action camera that launched itself in to the action camera market last year. Featuring dual screens, 4K HDR video, and RockSteady stabilization, the durable action camera promises impressive camera performance that is backed up by new action camera features. Join us as we discover how to use Osmo Action to take your snowboarding adventure to the next level.

Become Familiar with Your Equipment

First of all, you need to be familiar with all of your gear and learn how to adjust your settings to match the environment.


Let’s jump straight in with Osmo Action’s 4K HDR video. During bright days on snowy surfaces, the intense sunlight can result in overexposed videos. HDR is a perfect way to avoid this problem, letting you capture more dynamic details in the highlights and shadows and offering more flexibility when you edit.

RockSteady Stabilization

When you are thundering down a slope filled with twists and turns, an action camera with built-in stabilization is essential. We debuted RockSteady stabilization for Osmo Action, combining EIS with complex algorithms to keep your footage ultra-smooth. RockSteady can be turned on while shooting to get high-quality shots that are super stabilized. Remember to update your Osmo Action with the latest firmware to unleash all of its potential before you start snowboarding.

Osmo Action Snowboarding

Vivid Dual Screens

One unique feature of Osmo Action is that is contains two vivid screens that give you plenty of options for shooting creative content. The game-changing front screen makes it easier than ever to compose your selfies and ensure you’re always at the center of the action. The super-responsive back screen lets you change settings, alternate between shooting modes, and playback your footage.

Osmo Action Snowboarding Front Screen

SnapShot: Record in Under Two Seconds

The ability to record instant footage is important when every second counts on the slopes. Osmo Action can start recording in under two seconds, and all you need to do is press the shutter button once, which engages your preset shooting modes. We recommend setting up your shooting modes beforehand to make sure you are ready for any moment.

Temperature Resistant Battery

If you are reading this article, chances are you’ve tried recording a video or two on the slopes. Temperatures can get quite cold and conditions can quickly turn harsh, making it inconvenient to play around with your equipment or learn how to use features on the fly. Osmo Action batteries are temperature resistant down to -10°C, giving you a reliable and consistent performance. We recommend you take at least two spare batteries for a full day of filming and make sure your batteries are fully charged before you head out.

5 Osmo Action Camera Accessories for Snowboarding

Unleash your other side with Osmo Action and make your shots more creative with accessories. FPV shots are perfect for immersing the audience into your adventure. If you want to film this type of shot, a chest mount or helmet mount would be ideal. With the Osmo Action Camera Frame Kit, you can easily attach Osmo Action to compatible chest or helmet mounts.

Osmo Action Frame Kit

While FPV shots are fun, you won’t be able to see yourself in the frame. For wide-angle selfie shots with Osmo Action, you can use a selfie stick accessory or an extension rod to capture yourself in the action. A selfie stick that ranges from 80-100 cm is perfect for capturing yourself and the scenery behind you.

Osmo Action Selfie Stick

As ever, take a backup microSD card and spare batteries to capture all of your action.

Osmo Action Snowboarding Tips  

As we race through, here are some important Osmo Action snowboarding tips for you.

Find the Best Angles

Finding the perfect angle or perspective to shoot from can be just as much fun as the actual snowboarding. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to shoot (or watch) a video with just a person’s head bobbing up and down in the frame. Osmo Action’s dual screens let you compose footage quickly and easily.

If you plan to get someone else to film while you are snowboarding, remember to adjust the shooting angle before you start. It’s best to adjust the shot when you are in position with all your equipment ready to go.

You can change the display settings from 1:1 to 16:9 for a wider, more cinematic shot. If you use a 1:1 ratio for the display, the front screen will only display the subject in the frame, which makes adjusting the angles a tricky process.

Add Creative Shots

You can also use Osmo Action to create unique transition shots and capture the best moments of your adventure. Timelapse can be used to create gorgeous transition shots of the sunrise or sunset, which look great with the soft lighting and the movement of the clouds. All you need to do is to put your Osmo Action on a tripod, set the interval time and duration, and Osmo Action will automatically create a timelapse video.

Slow motion is another great option for tricks, jumps, and other fast-paced shots. Choose between 4x and 8x slow motion and shoot a few seconds of footage.

Osmo Action Snowboarding

Osmo Action Snowboarding Videos

Osmo Action’s dual screens, RockSteady stabilization, and extreme durability give you plenty of dynamic shooting options for extreme sports. Now it’s your turn to conquer the slopes with Osmo Action!

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