Osmo Mobile 3 FAQ: Your Questions, Answered

Osmo Mobile 3 in Hong Kong

The following article contains useful information about Osmo Mobile 3. From general operation questions to details about the DJI Mimo app, discover all the answers to your questions here.

General Questions

What smartphones are compatible with Osmo Mobile 3?

Osmo Mobile 3 supports most smartphones available on the market, but keep in mind that compatibility may be affected by large smartphone cases and buttons on the side of your smartphone. *

* Compatible phone dimensions: 62-88mm wide and 9.5mm thick

How do I change my smartphone orientation when using Osmo Mobile 3?

To switch between landscape and portrait mode, double-tap the M button. You can also change the orientation manually. In addition, press the trigger three times to change between the front and rear-facing cameras.

Does Osmo Mobile 3 support Gesture Recognition?

Yes. You can enable Gesture Control via the DJI Mimo app. Currently, Osmo Mobile 3 recognizes the “palm” and “V” gestures. Use these gestures to take a photo, start recording, or enable ActiveTrack 3.0.

Does Osmo Mobile 3 support ActiveTrack?

Yes, Osmo Mobile 3 uses DJI’s latest Active Track 3.0 technology.

There are three ways to enable it:

  1. Manually draw a box around your subject in the DJI Mimo app;
  2. Enable the “Click trigger to start tracking” function in DJI Mimo, then press the trigger to automatically begin tracking the subject in the middle of your frame;
  3. Enable Gesture Control and use either the “palm” or “V” gesture to start tracking your subject.

ActiveTrack 3.0

How portable is Osmo Mobile 3?

Osmo Mobile 3 has a foldable design that reduces its dimensions to 157×130×46 mm and a weight of 405 g. Thanks its convenient form, Osmo Mobile 3 is the perfect size to bring along on any adventure.

What resolution can I record in when using Osmo Mobile 3?

By default, the video resolution is set to 720p, but you can change the settings in DJI Mimo depending on your needs. However, it’s important to note that the maximum video resolution you are able to record with will depend on your smartphone camera.

How long is the warranty for Osmo Mobile 3?

All Osmo products come with a standard 1-year warranty. This can be extended by purchasing the Osmo Shield service plan that is valid for 2 years and includes both water and impact damage for extra peace of mind.

Where can I find Osmo Mobile 3 filming tutorials?

You can access tutorials from DJI Buying Guides, the DJI Support Facebook page, and the DJI Tutorials YouTube Channel to keep you evolving as a creator with Osmo Mobile 3.

Foldable Gimbal

DJI Mimo

What smart shooting modes are available on the DJI Mimo app?

The DJI Mimo app allows users to choose from Timelapse, Motionlapse (with up to four camera waypoints), Hyperlapse, and both 180° and 3×3 panorama. You can choose from a variety of creative options, including Glamour Effects, which helps you look your best. *

The DJI Mimo app also features Story mode. This incredibly useful feature comes with preset camera movements as well as filters and soundtracks perfect for creating short cinematic clips. For more information, check out our full guide to DJI Mimo’s Story mode!

* Video recording is limited to 720p when using Glamour Effects.


What is Osmo Mobile 3’s battery life? How long does it take to charge?

Under ideal conditions with the gimbal balanced, the battery will last up to 15 hours and take 2.5 hours to fully charge.

Does Osmo Mobile 3 have interchangeable batteries?

No, but the handheld gimbal can be charged by a power bank while you film.

Can Osmo Mobile 3 be used to charge my smartphone?

Yes. The USB port on the right side of the handle can be used to charge your phone.


Can I connect Osmo Mobile 3 to multiple devices at the same time?

No, you’ll have to disconnect your smartphone before connecting Osmo Mobile 3 to a new device.

How does Osmo Mobile 3 connect to my smartphone?

Osmo Mobile 3 uses the latest Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 to connect to your phone.

Osmo Mobile 3 accesories


Can I attach external camera lenses onto my smartphone when using Osmo Mobile 3?

Yes, but keep in mind that external camera lenses will affect the balance of the gimbal. For this reason, we do not recommend attaching large, heavy lenses to your phone when using Osmo Mobile 3.

What size is the mounting thread at the bottom of the gimbal? Are all Osmo bases compatible with Osmo Mobile 3?

The mounting thread at the bottom of the gimbal is a standard 1/4”-20 UNC thread. This allows you to attach a whole host of accessories to enhance your shooting experience.

Not all Osmo accessories are compatible with Osmo Mobile 3.

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More Information about Osmo Mobile 3

To discover more about Osmo Mobile 3, please check out the DJI Support Facebook page, the DJI Support Twitter, or subscribe to the DJI Tutorials YouTube channel for more in-depth tutorials to help you get the most out of your DJI product.