Six Must-Have Osmo Mobile Accessories

Ever since DJI introduced the Osmo mobile hand gimbals, thousands of budget filmmakers have swapped shaky amateur shots for pro-level footage (Watch this pro-level video made with Osmo mobile). All the properties that made aerial videos so stable and sharp, like ActiveTrack and the 3-axis gimbal, have gone into the Osmo. To maximize your Osmo mobile, we recommend you a few must-have accessories. Make your Osmo experience go from great to outstanding. Let’s dive in!

Osmo Base Buy Now for $10

Nothing says “essential” more than the Osmo Base. It sets the Osmo perfectly upright and sturdy so that you can place it on a coffee table for group pictures or incredible panoramas. The Base also makes for an excellent way to store your Osmo when it’s not in use.


High-Capacity Batteries Buy Now for $42

The Osmo comes with a 980mAh Intelligent Battery for up to 4.5 hours of use. But for complete reliability, why not go for the 1225mAh High-Capacity Intelligent Battery? It lets you use the Osmo for up to six hours, a huge boost when you’re on the go.


Quad Charging System Buy Now for $25

Having to stop everything to charge up forces you to look for an open outlet then plug in and wait until you get an adequate charge. The Osmo Quad Charging System charges up to four 980mAh batteries from empty to full in just 100 minutes, and four 1225mAh batteries in 120.

Osmo Mobile Carrying Case Buy Now for $29

Sometimes, we take the Osmo on its own, other times in the bottom of a backpack. Either way, the Osmo Mobile Carrying Case is perfect for any situation. A preformed hard foam interior with a securing strap guarantees a snug fit, and a tough exterior withstands bumps along the way.

Osmo Tripod Buy Now for $55

A flat surface to stand your Osmo can be hard to find. In this case, the Osmo Tripod is the perfect solution. Compact when folded, pack this tripod anywhere you take your Osmo Mobile. Best of all, it fits perfectly with either your Osmo Base or…

Osmo Extension Rod Buy Now for $55

That’s right. The Osmo Extension rod is designed to be flexible for you. You can use it as a selfie stick, find new angles for a hard-to-reach shot, or attach it to your tripod and achieve whatever height you need for your photos and videos.

And there you have it, six excellent Osmo Mobile accessories to upgrade your shots. If you’re not an Osmo customer yet, make sure you check the DJI store for great deals;  such as a free base, extra battery, or more could be found when you purchase an Osmo Mobile. Visit the store often and take advantage of deals! Once you’ve got your Osmo, get ready to shoot amazing footage!

Photo by DJI User @Manction


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