9 Accessories Every Osmo Pocket User Needs

Osmo Pocket accessories

In November, Osmo Pocket was launched, bringing a game-changing 3-axis stabilized handheld camera to the market. Since then, we’ve seen many amazing videos shot with Osmo Pocket. Osmo Pocket’s extremely portable size makes it easy to capture smooth, high-quality footage wherever your adventure takes you. The best camera is the one you can take with you, and now, we will guide you through some fantastic Osmo Pocket accessories to help improve your shooting, storage, and device maintenance.

Accessories to Improve Your Shooting Experience

Controller Wheel Buy Now

This handy accessory adds an extra level of precision when you shoot with your Osmo Pocket. Once affixed to your device, the Controller Wheel provides precise gimbal control and quick navigation through different shooting modes. The small switch on the Controller Wheel allows you to easily alternate between pan and tilt modes. Sliding your thumb across the controller wheel will pan or tilt the camera depending on how much force you apply, enabling you to precisely follow distant subjects.


Wireless Module Buy Now

Do you want to review your footage on a bigger screen or control Osmo Pocket remotely? The Wireless Module gives you these superb extra functionalities. Once connected into the Wireless Module base, Osmo Pocket can be synched with your smartphone, computer, or tablet via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Following the easy setup process, you’ll instantly be able to control the camera, settings, and adjust the focus from your device. The Wireless Module features a USB-C port that conveniently charges Osmo Pocket while also serving as a steady base for capturing smooth videos or photos remotely. With ActiveTrack enabled, the gimbal will follow you as you move around, making the Wireless Module perfect for hands-free vlogging.


Accessory Mount  Buy Now

With the Accessory Mount affixed to your Osmo Pocket, a new world of shooting possibilities opens. The Accessory Mount lets you attach your device to compatible products like helmets, bike handlebars, or selfie sticks. Whether you’re carving a trail through fresh snow or barreling through the streets on a motorbike, the Accessory Mount lets you take Osmo Pocket with you on any adventure.

Accessories for Data Storage

microSD Cards Buy Now

Although Osmo Pocket can synch with smartphones in order to save videos locally, 4K footage takes up a lot of storage space, which is why a microSD card is essential. The DJI Online Store has SanDisk Extreme microSD cards available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB sizes. These memory cards feature a V30 rating, which means they write data at a minimum of 30mbps, allowing you to easily record uninterrupted 4K footage. With a 64GB microSD card, you can shoot around 160 minutes of 4K 30fps footage with Osmo Pocket.

microSD Case  Buy Now

If you are using multiple memory cards, a sturdy Pelican Micro Memory Card Case is a handy accessory to have. With enough room for six mini and six microSD cards, this splash and shock-resistant case will keep your extra cards safe and secure, so you’ll never run out of storage space to record your special moments.

microSD Card Reader  Buy Now

If you’re an iPhone or iPad owner, you’ll want a way to easily view, edit, and share your footage. The ADAM Elements microSD card reader plugs into the Lightning slot of Apple devices. Simply insert your microSD card into the side of the card reader to load, view, and edit your footage from your Apple device.

Accessories for Product Care

ADAM Elements Cleaning Kit  Buy Now

Choose from an excellent array of product care accessories to keep your Osmo Pocket protected. The ADAM Elements Cleaning Kit includes a cleaning gel and microfiber cloth that offer superior cleaning for electronic products.

PGYTECH Lens Cleaning Pen Buy Now

The PGYTECH Lens Cleaning Pen removes dust and fingerprints without scratching your device, making it suitable for Osmo Pocket, drones, and other camera lenses.

Special Recommendation

Osmo Pocket Expansion Kit Buy Now

This kit combines important accessories into one convenient, affordable package. The bundle includes the Controller Wheel, Wireless Module, Accessory Mount, and a 32GB Samsung microSD Card, which is everything you’ll need to shoot professional-looking footage. Buy it now and save $36!



Osmo Pocket packs many features into a portable size, making it ideal for vloggers, travelers, or anyone who wants a handheld camera for life on-the-go. Whether you are looking for additional shooting functionality with the Controller Wheel or Wireless Module, wish to shoot hands-free footage using the Accessory Mount, or simply want additional storage with microSD cards, there are amazing Osmo Pocket accessories available right now at the DJI Online Store.


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