Photographing animals in the wild is what I do best. Usually, deer are scared of people, and even other animals. But much to my surprise, they have been quite curious about my Phantom 4 Pro. Thanks to their curiosity, I have managed to take some beautiful pictures of deer in two unique locations. Read on to learn what skills and techniques I use to capture aerial deer photos!

   First location: Meadow

Your first question might be, "Where can I find deer in the first place?" Well, deer often travel to meadows during winter to search for food. While foraging, they tend to be more relaxed than they are at other times.

Phantom 4 Pro photo

TIP: Never get too close too quickly, because you'll probably scare the deer. To keep them from running away, approach slowly and let them slowly get used to the sound of your drone.  This way, they will gradually realize your drone means them no harm!

Phantom 4 Pro photo

This series of top-down shots worked out best for me, mainly because of the shadows.

P4P Photo

TRICK: I also shot some video, which I'll edit together later on. The Phantom 4 Pro is capable of recording 4K video at 60 fps. If you are not sure what angles you want to shoot photos from, you can simply grab a picture from the video and get an 8-megapixel image which is perfect for social media posts.

P4P Photo

   Second location: Hills near forests

It's hard to spot deer from a distance because their brown fur blends into the environment. My advice is to bring somebody with you to act as a spotter. Having a spotter gives you more confidence, knowing that a second person has an eye on your drone while you search for the animals. You'll need to stay at least 500 m to 1 km away, since deer will be afraid if you get much closer.

P4P Photo

GETTING THE SHOT: At first, the deer will be curious about your drone, but after a while, they'll just continue to do their everyday business. This is your time to capture them from the best angle by following them slowly!


Here's a picture I shot with the DJI Inspire 1 about a year ago. This is the closest I have ever gotten to deer. Follow my advice, and you can get shots like these yourself!

P4P Photo
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Guest Contibutor: Ignacz Szabolcs

Ignacz Szabolcs is a professional drone photographer from Romania. He started drone photography and videography back in 2014. Since then, his pictures have been published in international magazines, books, and galleries, and he has won two international contests. Visit his website here.

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