Tello Iron Man Edition is the result of a collaboration between Marvel, Ryze Tech, and DJI. In this article, we will be unboxing Tello Iron Man Edition and giving you an inside look at how to take full advantage of your new mini drone!

Tello Iron Man Edition comes with everything you’ll need to take off immediately. Inside the box you will find the following items:

▲ Tello Iron Man Edition unboxed

Tello Iron Man Edition Aircraft × 1
Battery × 1
Tello Iron Man Edition Propellers (Pair) × 4
Tello Iron Man Edition Propeller Guards (Set) × 1
Micro USB Cable × 1
Propeller Removal Tool × 1

Along with the above items, you’ll find a printed copy of the Quick Start Guide.


Although identical in size and shape to the standard Tello and Tello EDU, Tello Iron Man Edition sports a shell design inspired by Iron Man’s classic suit.

The coat is a flashy scarlet complete with the Arc Reactor at the center of the drone. The motor and propellers are gold, and the shape of the drone retains the compact and efficient design of the standard Tello.

▲ Inspired by Iron Man’s suit (DJI Forum ©Raincast)

▲ Tello Iron Man Edition & Tello standard

Tello Iron Man Edition is the same size, shape, and weight as the standard Tello. Its small size makes it extremely convenient to carry, allowing you to fly whenever and wherever you like.

▲ Tello Iron Man Edition camera(DJI Forum ©Raincast)


The Tello Iron Man Edition features a dynamic camera system featuring Electronic Image Stabilization, 720p HD transmission, and 5MP photos. It also comes with a 1/5” CMOS sensor and 82.6° FOV.

This combination allows users to capture incredibly smooth footage and high-quality images.

▲ The underside of the aircraft

Tello Iron Man Edition can be paired with a smartphone to provide a real-time, 720p/30fps video feed of your flight. Download and explore the Tello Hero app to take full advantage of all this drone is capable of. In addition to a 100-meter maximum transmission distance, Tello Iron Man Edition also includes a variety of intelligent flight functions including Throw & Go, 360, and Bounce mode.

▲ The battery is easily inserted

Tello Iron Man Edition’s battery has a capacity of 1100 mAh and weighs only 26 g. It can support flying for up to 13 minutes on a full charge, granting users the freedom to explore further.

▲ Tello Iron Man Edition costs USD $129 (DJI Forum ©Raincast)

And that wraps up the newest addition to the Tello family. Tello Iron Man Edition combines everything you love about Tello with the fun attributes of Marvel’s Iron Man. Buy now and learn how to Fly Like a Hero!


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