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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, couples everywhere will head out to take photos with the one they love. We reached out to @DoubleLiker for tips on how to snap frame-worthy couple photos. The influencer pair are keen travelers with rich experience in creating unique couple photos through aerial photography.

People often ask if they have a professional photographer accompanying them. After all, it's simple to take a picture of your partner, but who presses the shutter when both of you want to be in the frame? The answer for @DoubleLiker is clear: DJI drones.

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Since 2017, the pair have been using DJI Mavic series drones to capture unforgettable moments on the go. The past five years have witnessed their adoption of DJI gadgets, which have become an essential companion throughout their travels. We've put together a list of their top tips for shooting love from above with DJI drones. So you can get the perfect Valentine's Day photos.

1. Find an Angle for Two

(1) 90° Overhead Shot

What makes drone photography unique is the bird's eye view that you gain from height. A 90° overhead shot is a must-try angle for taking couple photos. This shot can capture the depth of the landscape's beauty and unique textures. Give it a try on a beach or by a lake. When @DoubleLiker arrived at Emerald Lake, the water appeared a light green color at first sight. But when seen from above, it turned a crystal blue that perfectly surrounded them as they lay in between.

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(2) 45° Follow Shot

A 45° follow shot is a fantastic way to frame both of you within the landscape. It blends the couple perfectly into the vast background, be it mountain ridge, road, or dessert. An intelligent tracking function always keeps the couple in the center of the frame. This presents the breathtaking scenery and captures the natural state of the happy couple on their journey.

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2. Strike a Pose Together

(1) Grounded in Nature

The right pose is often the key to a nice photo. Simply lying down on the beach,  grass, or even the ice can be a great way to create a vibe of wildness. Nature is always the right choice.

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(2) Wave to the Camera

Interact with the camera to add a playful element to the shot. Don't be shy. Give us a wave!

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(3) Blend into the Scene

Act naturally and continue doing what you were doing, e.g., swimming in the pool or looking at the remote controller as you fly. This will add an element of storytelling to your photos.

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2. Right Color, Perfect Match

Colors matter. Neat and harmonious couple outfits are especially important when the scene features a predominant color.

(1) Same Tone

You can choose the colors according to the scene. Outfits of the same tone help deliver a consistent visual effect. For Ulan Lake in the Tengger Desert, the grand pink salt lake is undoubtedly the highlight. Outfits of the same tone match with the lake perfectly.

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(2) Eye-Catching Colors

You can also choose to wear colors that go against mono-tone backgrounds to pop out. In the Yuanyang Terraced Fields of Yunnan, it was drizzling when the couple arrived. They decided to put on colored raincoats to pop out while remaining in harmony with the landscape. If you are a couple that loves to go to the beach, try wearing tropical-style clothes or a swim suit to facilitate the storytelling.

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4. Drone Movements to Capture Your Love

Besides taking photos, drones are ideal for recording moments between you and your loved one. Keep all those unforgettable memories alive! Shoot a short video wherever you go, make a simple edit at the end of the year, and look back on all you have shared.

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5. Closing

DJI drones are your reliable companion on the go, always ready to capture beautiful moments. This Valentine's Day, try taking some unique couple photos with your other half and snap your love from above!

Start Recording You Love Story

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