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Featuring Obstacle Avoidance, ActiveTrack, higher speeds and longer flight times, the Phantom 4 redefines the flying camera.

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Professional Reviews

Thinking of giving drones a go? The Phantom 4 is where you start

Eight months ago, we said DJI’s Phantom 3 was “pretty much the perfect first flying camera.” That was true then, but the Phantom 4 simply blows it out of the sky.

By Tom Morgan, 03.17.16

THE VERGE:: DJI's Phantom 4 comes with obstacle avoidance and 'speed' mode

I spent the last few days putting the Phantom 4 through its paces, spending most of my time on the brand new fully autonomous features. It took me a while to get up the courage to fly it full throttle at a wall, and I felt physically sick with fear when I did, but the unit never failed to sense a crash and come to a halt.

By Ben Popper, 03.10.16

PCMAG: DJI Phantom 4

Easy to fly. Very stable in the air. Smooth video capture, even during motion. 20mm wide-angle lens. 4K video capture. Raw and JPG still capture. High-quality Live View feed. Built-in GPS. Return-to-home function. Automated flight modes.

By Jim Fisher

Engadget: DJI's Phantom 4 comes with obstacle avoidance and 'speed' mode

Smarter, leaner, faster, stronger? That's the promise with DJI's Phantom 4, announced today, in what appears to be the most significant upgrade to the range yet.

By James Trew, 03.01.16

THE VERGE: DJI's revolutionary Phantom 4 drone can dodge obstacles and track humans

I got to spend a few hours with the Phantom 4 and was impressed with how well its autonomous features worked. It easily picked up and avoided walls and buildings. It even detected and avoided individual people, allowing for some rather daring shots where the drone autonomously raced towards a human, gaining altitude just in time to whiz over our heads.

By Ben Popper, 03.01.16

CNET: DJI Phantom 4 drone avoids obstacles, flies faster and follows your every move

After years of testing all manner of electronics, I've had my share of accidents and mishaps. None have caused me the same level of gut-wrenching panic as a drone flying into a tree or my neighbor's house.

By Joshua Goldman, 03.01.16

What Users Say

When we decided to shoot in the arctic circle we were a bit concerned about how the Phantom 4 was going to react to such extreme conditions. We followed the recommendations of flying in low temperatures, especially with battery handling, and I must say that we were impressed of its long flight time. Another shoot day the weather forecast announced strong winds. Even though the small size of the aircraft, the power of its motors were strong enough to fight against strong gusts and hold its position. The speed of the Phantom 4 is something that we were amazed with as well. It is a robust and reliable aircraft set to film tough challenges!

By Alberto Santa-Cruz / Founder and Executive Producer of Santa Ibiza /

The new DJI Phantom 4 is in a class all its own. The increased gimbal stability, camera quality, and rock-solid flight, makes it a must-have tool in any filmmaker’s kit. The Tap Fly and Active Track functions in the new DJI Phantom 4 allow any pilot to capture professional, dynamic, and compelling footage like never before. The new DJI Phantom 4 is absolutely jam packed with ground-breaking technology that helps any pilot capture stunning aerial footage safely and easily.

By Johnny Beavers / Aerial Cinematographer / Photographer /

We live in an age where the virtual and the real mingle closely. Indeed, technologies evolve so that the existing boundary between these two worlds is done increasingly thin. Phantom 4 push the drone industry to another step. This incredible technology, the Phantom 4, brings creation to the next level. With his 4 eyes, it can avoid obstacles and it's become a real partner to do amazing shot with 100% safety. Tracking subjects is absolutely incredible for making precise shot. We will use it for our next shooting like Tour de France for sure, easy to carry, easy to fly, amazing footage, avoid obstacles... as professional we will use this magical tool for our productions.

By Michael Gisselere / Freeway Prod Director

The Phantom 4 brings something new to the market in that nearly every new feature on the phantom 4 isn't found in other UAV's. The Phantom 4 system is leaps and bounds ahead of every other UAV in its class and price range. The technology packed into such a small system is truly incredible. I would recommend this drone to anyone wanting to get into aerial cinematography because of its safety features and ease of use. And I guarantee it will be a staple in every professional’s fleet.

By Mike Bishop / aerial cinematography specialist /

“Wow” was the first thing I could even think of when the DJI Phantom 4 was announced. The new design is looking great, improved battery life is a much needed improvement, and that new “TapFly” will change the entire course of drone tech as we know it. Even beginners can take this out of the box and fly without a worry because the new revolutionary computer vision software allows it to fly autonomously. “Wow.”

By Nathan Bartling / Content Creator / My Mate Nate Studios

I flew the new Phantom 4 in many difficult situations it felt rock solid in the air. I tried flying it straight towards trees and buildings, it would stop and go round obstacles.  The new batteries offered more flight time and the artificial intelligence features are super cool. The new sensors make it rock solid when hovering. The active track feature worked flawlessly and it was fun to fly by locking onto a subject which made filming the subject more intuitive and orbiting a subject is really easy. I was blown away by how easy it is to use.

By Tony Young, Director / DOP / Producer

The sleek new aerodynamic body, new glossy outer case and new camera look so clean. I love the fact they simplified the gimbal by moving the vibration mounts to the inside of the body and added the additional gimbal camera support. The whole craft looks extremely simplistic and provides the user a very familiar experience by keeping the body similar to the existing phantom lineup.

By Aldryn Estacio / Fine Art Aerial Photography /

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