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In the Box

  • Aircraft

    × 1

  • Remote Controller

    × 1

  • Intelligent Flight Battery

    × 1

  • Battery Charger

    × 1

  • AC Power Cable

    × 1

  • Low-Noise Propellers (Pair)

    × 3

  • RC Cable (USB Type-C Connector)

    × 1

  • RC Cable (Lightning Connector)

    × 1

  • RC Cable (Standard Micro-USB Connector)

    × 1

  • Gimbal Protector

    × 1

  • Type-C Cable

    × 1

  • Pair of Spare Control Sticks

    × 1

Moments by You

Take a Closer Look

  • 34-Min Max Flight Time

    Stay in the air long enough to get that perfect capture with extended flight time

  • 10km 1080p Video Transmission *

    Capture amazing landscapes with stable 10km 1080p transmission

  • Get Inspired With Excellent Image Quality

    With a 1/2-inch CMOS sensor, DJI Mavic Air 2 is your powerful tool to master detailed aerial shots with smooth 4K/60fps video and 48MP photos.

  • FocusTrack

    FocusTrack combines three intelligent modes to make tracking your subjects effortless.

  • 8K Hyperlapse [1]

    Warp time and space for stunning 8K footage without complex post-processing.

Which is the Best for You?

  • Mavic Air 2

    570 g

    1/2" CMOS Sensor

    48MP Photo

    4K/60fps HDR Video

    34-Min Max Flight Time (no wind)

    10km 1080p Transmission *

    Forward + Backward + Downward Sensors **

  • DJI Mini 2

    <249 g

    1/2.3" CMOS Sensor

    12MP Photo

    4K/30fps Video

    31-Min Max Flight Time (no wind)

    10km 720p Transmission *

    Downward Sensor + GPS Precise Hover **

Let’s Answer Your Questions

1. 8K resolution can only be used in Free and Waypoint modes.

* Unobstructed, free of interference, and when FCC-compliant. Maximum flight range specification is a proxy for radio link strength and resilience. Always follow local rules and regulations and fly your drone within your visual line of sight unless otherwise permitted.

** Vision positioning requires non-reflective, discernable surfaces, and adequate lighting. Available at altitudes from 0.5-30 m. The vertical and horizontal positioning accuracy is within ±0.1 m.

*** Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing includes left/right, up/down, and forward/backward obstacle sensing. Sensing for left/right directions is only available in ActiveTrack, POI, QuickShot, and Tripod modes. Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing does not fully cover the circumference of a 360-degree arc. And left and right obstacle sensing system only works in specific modes and environments. DJI warranty does not cover any loss caused by crashing when flying left or right, even when ActiveTrack or Tripod mode is activated. Please be aware of your surroundings and App notifications when operating the Mavic 2 to ensure safety.

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