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Magnetically attach your phone to DJI OM 4;

Convenient attachment;

Light, thin, and secure;

Carefully-designed clamp does not cover phone buttons.


Simply attach your smartphone to the magnetic phone clamp;

Quickly mount your phone onto OM 4 or take it off easily to answer a call or reply to a message;

Subtle in terms of appearance, the magnetic phone clamp will not affect use of the phone even if the clamp stays attached;

Smooth metal texture makes the clamp comfortable to hold.


The DJI OM Magnetic Clamp contains magnets. Please keep it away from magnetic cards, IC cards, pacemakers, hard disks, RAM chips, and other objects that are subject to interference.

In The Box

DJI OM Magnetic Phone Clamp × 1


Weight: 32.6 g

Dimensions: 67.8×40×17 mm

Compatible phone width: 67-84 mm

Compatible phone thickness: 6.9-10 mm

Compatible phone weight: 230 g ± 60 g



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