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In the Box

  • Aircraft (Propellers included)

    × 1

  • RoboMaster TT Propeller Guards

    × 1

  • Spare Propeller (pair)

    × 2

  • Dot-Matrix Display & Distance Sensing Module

    × 1

  • Open-Source Controller

    × 1

  • Extension Board

    × 1

  • Mission Pad

    × 4

  • Flight Battery

    × 1

  • Micro USB Cable

    × 1

Take a Closer Look

  • It has a 5MP HD camera and a new 5.8-GHz Wi-Fi module. The newly added ToF infrared ranging sensor, ESP32 open-source module and other programmable modules make it convenient for students to develop various applications.

  • RoboMaster TT's highly integrated open source extension kit can be used together with the new RoboMaster SDK to implement more diversified AI applications.

  • Multiple RoboMaster TT devices can be connected to the same Wi-Fi router, implementing control of multiple drones. With the new programmable LED indicators and dot-matrix screen, RoboMaster TT can deliver an even more impressive multi-drone formation effect.

  • RoboMaster TT comes with a sensor adapter to connect with external third-party sensors (by I2C, SPI, UART, and GPIO), creating AI applications such as automatic obstacle avoidance, face recognition and gesture control.

  • DJI Education has tailored a professional education platform for schools and training agencies. It has developed a series of courses and professional competitions, helping bring students into the intelligent flight world.

Which is the Best for You?

  • RoboMaster TT

    Offline programming: Support

    Ranging function: Support

    Flight signal stability: 2.4G/5.8GHz dual-band is more stable

    Extensibility: Support external third-party sensors

    Courses: 3 sets of systematic advanced AI courses

    Competition: AI Competition,Air-Ground Operation,Maze Race

    Display: 8 x 8 dot-matrix screen

    Light show: With RGB full-color LED light can make a light show

  • Tello EDU

    Offline programming: Not support

    Ranging function:Not support

    Flight signal stability: Only 2.4GHz

    Extensibility: Not support external sensors

    Courses: 2 sets of basic programming courses

    Competition:Programming Race

    Display: No screen

    Light show: No light show

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