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The TILTA Osmo Action Camera Cage is designed to adapt the Osmo Action for complex environments. Made of aluminum alloy, it provides 360° protection for the Osmo Action. It is also equipped with multiple standard M3 screw holes, 1/4-inch screw holes, and a cold shoe to connect with more accessories such as a fill-in light, microphone, tripod, extension rod, and filter ring. Switching between landscape and portrait modes is also supported.

The TILTA Osmo Action Camera Cage is convenient for disassembling, installation, and changing batteries. An open-design cable cover on the side of the cage allows you to charge the camera, connect with a microphone, access the microSD card slot, and attach a 3.5mm/USB-C adapter cable.

The inner side of the cage is covered with velvet padding to better protect the camera. The heat-conducting silica gel inside of the cage helps cool down the camera during extended shooting durations.


Multiple extended functions support more shooting accessories.

Instant switch between landscape and portrait modes.

Quick disassembling and installation.

Heat-conducting silica pad to cool down the camera.


Check if the mounting frame is properly installed before use.

Before use, make sure the sliding knob covers the circle sign to the reset position.

Do not remove the silica gel. If the silica gel is damaged, please change another one immediately.

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In The Box

Osmo Action Camera Cage × 1

52 mm Filter Ring × 1

M2.5 Filter Ring Screw × 2

Osmo Action Universal Convert Baseplate × 1

M2.5 Hexagonal Screwdriver × 1

M3 Hexagonal Screwdriver × 1

Spare Heat Conducting Silica Gel × 2

Case × 1


Osmo Action Camera Cage

Dimensions: 76×33×56 mm

Weight: 77.5 g

52 mm Filter Ring

Dimensions: 54×54×9.8 mm

Weight: 17 g

M2.5 Filter Ring Screw

Dimensions: 2.5×6 mm

Weight: 1.5 g

Osmo Action Universal Convert Baseplate

Dimensions: 24×20×14 mm

Weight: 6 g

M2.5 Hexagonal Screwdriver

Dimensions: 2.5×50 mm

Weight: 1.5 g

M3 Hexagonal Screwdriver

Dimensions: 3×53 mm

Weight: 2.5 g

Spare Heat Conducting Silica Gel

Dimensions: 24×6×2 mm

Weight: 0.5 g


Osmo Action

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