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Osmo Pro/RAW - DJI Focus Handwheel

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The DJI Focus Handwheel is specially designed for the Osmo Pro/RAW and Inspire 2, allowing you to control focus quickly and precisely. It's small and light, very easy to mount. The control knob gives a real sense of feedback, so you feel like you are turning a lens. Move it to the position you want for sharp, clear images.

DJI Focus Handwheel User Guide
In the Box
Handwheel ×1
Communication Cable ×1
Hard Stop Screws ×2
Mounting Screw ×1

Model: FH01
Weight: 410 g
Dimensions: 86 × 66 mm
Operating Temperature: -4° to 131℉ (-20° to 55℃)
Operating Voltage: 12 V
Operating Current: 0.03 A
Power: 0.36 W

Osmo Pro
Osmo RAW
Inspire 2

This product is manufactured by SZ DJI Ronin Technology Co., Ltd. affiliated with DJI Group.