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DJI Inspire 3 × Claudio Miranda

Go behind the scenes of 'Inspired Pursuit'

What happens when you give an industry-leading cinematographer an industry-leading cinema drone? Watch Inspired Pursuit, a short film made by Academy Award-winner Claudio Miranda, shot entirely with the all-new DJI Inspire 3.


Inspired Pursuit

Claudio Miranda, ASC

Academy Award Winner for Best Cinematography, 2013

See how Inspire 3 performed on set

The crew used Waypoint Pro to plan and execute an automated flight route with 12 points in total.

Inspire 3 navigated extremely tight spaces with no problem thanks to the centimeter-level accuracy of High-precision RTK.

From dark walls to brightly flickering flames, the X9-8K Air camera's wide dynamic range captured every little detail.

With a 4K/30fps live feed, Claudio could monitor and control operations from one location with almost no latency.

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DJI Inspire 3

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