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DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo (DJI RC 2)

Includes DJI RC 2, three Intelligent Flight Batteries, a 34-min max flight time each, a charging hub, a shoulder bag, and more.

USD $1,099

DJI Air 3 Fly More Combo (DJI RC 2)

Includes DJI RC 2 with a 5.5-inch 1080p 700-nit high-bright screen, two additional batteries, a battery charging hub,  and more.

USD $1,549

DJI Mavic 3 Pro Fly More Combo (DJI RC Pro)

DJI’s consumer camera drone with a tri-camera system. The Hasselblad camera and dual tele cameras take 4K/60fps video.

USD $3,889

DJI Mavic 3 Classic (DJI RC)

Includes the new DJI RC with a built-in 5.5-inch HD display for clear viewing in strong light and the DJI Fly app pre-installed.

USD $1,749


DJI RS 3 provides a 3kg/6.6lb load capacity along with design updates like automated axis locks and Bluetooth shutter for efficient control.

USD $549

DJI RS 3 Pro

DJI RS 3 Pro features Extended Carbon Fiber Axis Arms, Automated Axis Locks, Bluetooth shutter control, and much more to deliver optimal results.

USD $869


DJI RC features an HD display, a light and compact body, long battery life, and smooth control sticks, making aerial shooting more convenient.

USD $309
USD $729
USD $999
USD $1,317
USD $249
USD $399
USD $349
USD $669