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Refurbished Products

Take a Closer Look

  • Automated Axis Locks Get You Ready Instantly

    Automated Axis Locks get the gimbal ready to work or sleep instantly, making company move and gear storage significantly more efficient.

  • Advanced LiDAR Focusing [2]

    The LiDAR focusing system makes focusing easier and enables autofocus on manual lenses when paired with the focus motor. [3] It also supports ActiveTrack Pro for advanced tracking.

  • 4.5kg (10lbs) Tested Payload

    With a larger balancing space, RS 3 Pro remains just 1.5 kg/3.3 lbs, [1] while its load capacity is 4.5 kg/10 lbs to meet various shooting needs.

  • Increased Payload Capability, Stiffer Gimbal

    Extended Carbon Fiber Axis Arms allow more balancing space and are constructed from layered sheets of uncut carbon fiber to improve stiffness and reduce weight.

  • Long-Range O3 Pro Video Transmission [2]

    Supports 6km/20,000ft [4] video and audio transmission with ultra-low latency, impressive stability, and extensive coordinated control features.

In the Box

  • Carrying Case

    Carrying Case

    × 1

  • Gimbal


    × 1

  • BG30 Grip

    BG30 Grip

    × 1

  • USB-C Charging Cable (40 cm)

    USB-C Charging Cable (40 cm)

    × 1

  • Lens-Fastening Support (Extended)

    Lens-Fastening Support (Extended)

    × 1

  • Extended Grip/Tripod (Metal)

    Extended Grip/Tripod (Metal)

    × 1

  • Quick-Release Plate (Arca-Swiss/Manfrotto)

    Quick-Release Plate (Arca-Swiss/Manfrotto)

    × 1

  • Briefcase Handle

    Briefcase Handle

    × 1

  • Multi-Camera Control Cable (USB-C, 30 cm)

    Multi-Camera Control Cable (USB-C, 30 cm)

    × 1

  • Screw Kit

    Screw Kit

    × 1

1. Includes gimbal, battery grip, and dual-layered quick-release plates.

2. Requires purchase of additional accessories.

3. Included in the DJI RS 3 Pro Combo, and also sold separately.

4. Measured in Control mode with FCC compliance in a standard, interference-free environment.