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Matrice 350 RTK

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  • 55-Min Max Flight Time, IP55

    Matrice 350 RTK features a 55-min max flight time [1] and the battery can be charged up to 400 cycles, [2] for reduced costs. IP55 rated. [3]

  • DJI O3 Enterprise Transmission

    Matrice 350 RTK adopts DJI O3 Enterprise Transmission, offering triple-channel 1080p HD live feeds [4] and a 20km max transmission range. [5]

  • DJI RC Plus

    With a 7-inch high-bright screen, DJI RC Plus offers a six-hour max operating time. [6] It is IP54 rated [3] and has customizable buttons.

  • 6-Directional Sensing & Positioning

    Matrice 350 RTK features six-directional awareness, positioning, and obstacle-sensing capabilities, providing comprehensive protection. [7]

  • Night-Vision FPV Camera

    Thanks to its excellent night vision capabilities, the FPV camera can clearly present the surroundings and obstacles during flight at night.

  • 2.7kg Max Multi-Payload Support

    Matrice 350 RTK supports a single downward gimbal, dual downward gimbals, [8] single upward gimbal, [8] and has an E-Port open interface.

In the Box

  • Aircraft


    × 1

  • DJI RC Plus

    DJI RC Plus

    × 1

  • WB37 Intelligent Battery

    WB37 Intelligent Battery

    × 1

  • TB65 Intelligent Flight Battery

    TB65 Intelligent Flight Battery

    × 2

  • Carrying Case

    Carrying Case

    × 1

  • BS65 Intelligent Battery Station

    BS65 Intelligent Battery Station

    × 1

  • Landing Gear

    Landing Gear

    × 2

  • Matrice 350 RTK 2110s Propellers (Pair)

    Matrice 350 RTK 2110s Propellers (Pair)

    × 1

  • Screws and Tools

    Screws and Tools

    × 1

  • Cleaning Tools

    Cleaning Tools

    × 1

  • Spare Gimbal Damper

    Spare Gimbal Damper

    × 4

  • Rubber Port Cover (Set)

    Rubber Port Cover (Set)

    × 1

Let’s Answer Your Questions

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1. Measured with the Matrice 350 RTK flying at approximately 8 m/s without payloads in a windless environment until the battery level reached 0%. Data is for reference only. Please pay attention to reminders in the app for the actual usage time.

2. Up to 400 cycles if the accumulative duration of battery level ≥ 90% is less than 120 days within 12 months.

3. Measured in a controlled environment. The IP rating is not permanently effective and may decrease due to product wear and tear.

4. Dual Operator Mode required.

5. Measured with FCC compliance in an unobstructed environment with low interference at a flight altitude of approximately 120 m. Data is for reference only. During your flight, please pay attention to reminders in the app.

6. Used with the WB37 external battery.

7. There are certain blind areas of visual sensing and infrared sensing. Positioning and obstacle-sensing performance may be affected by the flight environment and obstacle characteristics. Always fly with caution.

8. Gimbal connector sold separately.