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In the Box

  • Gimbal and Camera

    × 1

  • MicroSD card (64GB)

    × 1

  • Storage Case

    × 1

  • Lens Cleaning Cloth

    × 1

  • DJI Terra Activation Code

    × 1

1. Over 30 minutes, at a speed of 13 m/s, a flight altitude of 100 m, with a side overlap rate of 10%, point cloud density > 100 points/m2.

2. The accuracy was measured after a 5-minute warm up, using Mapping Mission with Calibration Flight enabled in DJI Pilot, and with the RTK in FIX status. The relative altitude was set to 50 m, flight speed to 10 m/s, gimbal pitch to -90°, and each straight segment of the flight route was less than 1000 m. DJI Terra was used for post-processing.

3. In operations with two or three returns, the point rate is 480,000 pts/s.

4. 6 months DJI Terra electricity version for 1 device will be included for L1 package.