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DJI Care Refresh is a vital after-sales plan from DJI designed to give you peace of mind from the moment you unbox your new DJI product. From usage policy and coverage protection to replacement services and shipping fees, this article covers everything you need to know about DJI Care Refresh! The following information applies to DJI Care Refresh (US).


If you’ve just started using DJI products or you’re an experienced content creator, investing in a care protection plan is must if you want to protect your investment. Whether you’re soaring above beautiful landscapes or taking handheld holiday footage on the go, DJI Care Refresh offers you full, comprehensive protection. It offers up to two replacement units in one year and a whole load of other benefits. Let’s take a look!


What Is DJI Care Refresh? 

DJI Care Refresh is a 12-month service plan that provides complete and comprehensive cover should your DJI product be damaged during normal use. Normal product warranties don’t cover accidental damage.


What Does DJI Care Refresh Include?

Two Product Replacements

One of the most important benefits of DJI Care Refresh is that it offers you up to two product replacements in one year or four product replacements in two years for a small charge. This means you can quickly replace your DJI product without any fuss.


Water Damage Coverage

Despite how well you look after your product, water damage can occur when you’re out and about. DJI Care Refresh completely covers your DJI drones and other DJI products against water damage.


Comprehensive Coverage

It takes a lot of time to choose the right product, and it’s frustrating if you can’t continue to use your product because it has sustained some damage. DJI Care Refresh covers you against user error, signal interference, collisions, water damage, and drop damage. This means you can focus on making the best shots you’ve ever created.


Exclusive Services

Whatever product issues you encounter, DJI has product experts waiting to help you. Whether it’s advice about your product or technical requests, DJI Care Refresh gives you access to exclusive services that connect you with a product expert straight away.  

DJI Care Service


Free Shipping

If you are shipping your damaged product back to DJI in the same region where you purchased it, DJI will cover the shipping costs. It’s that simple.


Get DJI Care Refresh


What Products Does DJI Care Refresh Cover?

DJI Care Refresh has covered most of our camera drones, cameras, and gimbals, you can go to our service list page to choose.


Camera Drones that have DJI Care Refresh services:


Cameras that have DJI Care Refresh services:


Gimbals that have DJI Care Refresh services:


*The links above cover most of DJI's products that have DJI Care Refresh.


What Product Parts Are Covered by DJI Care Refresh?

  Aircraft Camera Gimbal Propellers Battery Grip
DJI Spark Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
DJI Mavic Series Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A
DJI Phantom Series Yes Yes Yes Yes No N/A
DJI Inspire 2 Yes N/A N/A Yes No N/A
DJI Zenmuse N/A Yes Yes N/A N/A N/A
DJI Osmo Action N/A Yes Yes N/A Yes N/A
DJI Ronin Series N/A N/A Yes N/A No Yes


DJI Care Refresh Replacement Fees

You can check the replacement fees on product pages or ask our online experts.


Is DJI Care Refresh Worth It?

This is the question you are probably asking right now. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why DJI Care Refresh is useful.


First Time Flying or Shooting

Flying a DJI drone or shooting with a DJI gimbal or camera for the first time might be a daunting experience for some. With DJI Care Refresh, you can use your product without worrying about damaging it. DJI Care Refresh covers replacement parts, repairs, shipping costs, and even up to two complete replacement products.


Challenging Shooting Locations

Sometimes things can go wrong when you are shooting in unfamiliar places. DJI Care Refresh provides coverage for many of those unpredictable moments.


Adverse Weather Conditions

If anything can change quickly while you’re filming your adventures, it’s the weather. A strong gust of wind or a sudden storm can cause some damage to your DJI products. Thankfully, DJI Care Refresh provides water damage and accidental damage coverage. This coverage is not included in standard product warranties, so it’s great protection for any content projects you’ve got planned.


How to Activate DJI Care Refresh 

If you purchase a DJI product and select DJI Care Refresh with your order on DJI Store, DJI Care Refresh will bind to your product automatically. You don’t need to bind the service with the product again.

If you purchase DJI Care Refresh separately on DJI Store, you need to enter the serial number of your product according to the prompt page when purchasing the service.

If you purchase a DJI Care Refresh activation card, you need to enter your activation code and serial number of your product through DJI Care Activation page to activate your DJI Care Refresh service.


How Does the DJI Care Refresh Process Work?

  1. Your DJI product gets damaged;
  2. Fill out an online repair request;
  3. Send your DJI product to the DJI Repair Center;
  4. Your DJI product is replaced/warranty is repaired;
  5. DJI ships your product back to you for free.


DJI Care Refresh FAQ

1. Why should I buy DJI Care Refresh?

DJI Care Refresh can greatly reduce service processes and save you money. If 
if the repair costs are covered by the standard product warranty, the remaining replacement balance on your DJI Care Refresh will not be affected. 


2. Does DJI Care Refresh support international coverage?

Currently, DJI Care Refresh only works in the country or region that you chose when purchasing the service plan. DJI Care Refresh and the corresponding product must be purchased from the same country or region.


3. How to buy DJI Care Refresh

Go to the DJI Online Store and input the serial number of your product to purchase DJI Care Refresh. After DJI Care Refresh is successfully purchased, it will bind to your product automatically.

You can also go to an official DJI flagship store or an authorized store to purchase a DJI Care Refresh activation card. After purchasing, please follow the instructions on the card to bind DJI Care Refresh.


4. How to renew DJI Care Refresh?

Starting from July 13, 2023, DJI Care Refresh + has been discontinued. To renew the service, you can purchase DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan), with the number of replacements upgraded from once per year to twice per year.


5. How to get DJI Care Refresh if my DJI product has already been activated for a long time?

Yes. You can apply for video verification. After the verification is passed and you receive a purchasing notice, you can purchase DJI Care Refresh within 72 hours after you receive the notice.


6. How do I purchase DJI Care Refresh for my Inspire 2 with a Zenmuse series gimbal?

The DJI Care Refresh warranty plan is separately available for the Inspire 2, Zenmuse X4S, Zenmuse X5S, and Zenmuse X7 camera. If more than one camera is purchased, DJI Care Refresh can be purchased for each one.


7. How to return DJI Care Refresh

If your DJI product is returned according to DJI’s return policy, you can apply to return DJI Care Refresh as well. If your DJI product has not been returned, then you cannot return DJI Care Refresh.


8. What is criteria of connecting DJI Care Refresh to a DJI product?

DJI Care Refresh can be connected to a DJI product when it satisfies one of the following criteria:

  • New and un-activated DJI products;
  • DJI aircraft of DJI gimbal were activated in the last 48 hours;
  • DJI handheld device was activated within the last 30 days;
  • Repaired in an official DJI Service Center (within 72 hours of receiving an email invitation);
  • Aircraft approved via video verification.


9. When does DJI Care Refresh become active?

If you purchase a DJI product and select DJI Care Refresh with your order on DJI Store,  DJI Care Refresh comes into effect at 12 a.m., two days after the shipping day.

If you purchase DJI Care Refresh separately on DJI Store or from other channels, then DJI Care Refresh comes into effect at 12 a.m. of the date specified on the warranty service agreement.


10. Does DJI Care Refresh offer new replacement products?

The replacement products are brand-new products or equivalent to brand-new products in performance and reliability.


11. Does the replacement product automatically link to the original DJI Care Refresh plan?

Yes. Whenever you replace your DJI product, the DJI Care Refresh plan will be bound to your new replacement, and the original warranty period will continue.

Click here for more DJI Care Refresh FAQ.


DJI Care Refresh Service Terms

For a full list of DJI Care Refresh service terms including period of validity, termination, and replacements, please click here.



We hope this article gave you a comprehensive understanding of DJI Care Refresh. Visit the DJI Online Store to buy DJI Care Refresh!