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DJI Care Refresh Launches Flyaway Coverage: Enjoy Worry-Free Flights


The unexpected can happen at any time. To help all DJI pilots fly more confidently, DJI Flyaway Coverage has been added to DJI Care Refresh service.


Flyaway Coverage

Flyaway Coverage is now included in DJI Care Refresh service for DJI Mini 2 and Mavic Air 2, including for those who have already purchased DJI Care Refresh service for these products. If a flyaway incident occurs, simply pay the corresponding service fee to obtain a replacement product*.

Following the addition of Flyaway Coverage, most of the main accident scenarios that can occur during flight are now covered by DJI Care Refresh, allowing you to enjoy your DJI product with greater peace of mind every time you fly.

* Replacement products are brand new or equivalent to brand new in performance and reliability.


Calculating Your Service Fee

After purchasing DJI Care Refresh, you’ll need to pay the corresponding service fee each time you apply for a replacement



Calculating Replacement Times

Replacement service under DJI Care Refresh can be used for accidental damage or Flyaway Coverage:

DJI Care Refresh (1-year plan) offers two replacements, including one chance to use Flyaway Coverage.

DJI Care Refresh (2-year plan) offers three replacements, including two chances to use Flyaway Coverage.

DJI Care Refresh+ offers one replacement chance for damage or Flyaway Coverage in the second year.


Activate Flyaway Coverage by Binding

In order to use Flyaway Coverage, users must have bound their DJI account and remote controller with their aircraft using the DJI Fly app. If this binding operation has not been completed prior to experiencing a flyaway incident, Flyaway Coverage cannot be used.


1. Bind to Account

Enter [Profile] –> [Device Management] –> [Account and Device] , and tap [Bind to Account].


2. Bind New RC

Enter [Profile] –> [Device Management] –> [Value-added Service], and tap [Bind New RC].



*Please upgrade DJI Fly App to 1.2.2 or above to use the flyaway coverage binding function. DJI Fly App Download Center:


What Does DJI Care Refresh Include?

DJI Care Refresh covers multiple scenarios, including drones lost during flight, water damage, collisions, and dropping, and offers you additional services like an Express Option, free shipping, and Exclusive Service.


How Can I Purchase DJI Care Refresh?

In order to be eligible for purchasing DJI Care Refresh, users must have a new, un-activated DJI product or a DJI product that has been activated within the last 48 hours.

Want to purchase DJI Care Refresh but your product was activated over 48 hours ago?

Click here to learn how.


Click here for more details.