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DJI Power 1000

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Boasts fast-charging power output of 125 W, and can connect the DJI Power-series power station to charge DJI Air 3 batteries. It takes approx. 44 minutes to charge one DJI Air 3 Intelligent Flight Battery from 0% to 100% and 30 minutes to charge from 10% to 95%.


After a flight, the battery temperature may be high and potentially outside the permissible temperature range for immediate charging. In such cases, it is recommended to wait until the battery temperature drops below 40° C (104° F) before initiating a charge.

In The Box

DJI Power SDC to DJI Air 3 Fast Charge Cable × 1


Length: 40 cm


DJI Power 1000

DJI Power 500

DJI Air 3