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DJI Ronin 4D

Take a Closer Look

  • Extendable Gimbal Camera

    This extendable solution not only reduces handheld weight, but also enhances shooting flexibility and supports more lens options.

  • 2m Extension Cable

    Camera position possibilities are much more flexible. Especially useful for through-shots and movements in narrow spaces like car interiors.

  • Lossless Image Transmission

    Extension cable adopts an ultra-thin coaxial cable, supporting lossless transmission of 8K high-speed signals captured by the X9 camera sensor.

  • Agile Configuration Switches

    Switching between Flex and the integrated configuration on set is fast and requires no tools, providing greater versatility.

  • 4D Hand Grip + Monitor Support

    Natively compatible with Ronin 4D's Hand Grips and Main Monitor for a compact-but-powerful solo operating system with full control of Ronin 4D.

  • 1.8kg Minimum Handheld Weight

    Handheld weight is reduced to 1.8 kg, [1] only around 34% of the total weight. [2] Ideal for users who require mobile, long-duration shooting.

In the Box

  • Ronin 4D Flex

    Ronin 4D Flex

    × 1

  • Pan Axis Quick-Lock

    Pan Axis Quick-Lock

    × 1

  • Ronin 4D Hand Grip Adapter

    Ronin 4D Hand Grip Adapter

    × 2

  • Hand Grips Adapter Cable

    Hand Grips Adapter Cable

    × 2

Let’s Answer Your Questions

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1. Weight includes the Ronin 4D Flex gimbal connector module, X9-6K Gimbal Camera, X9 Counterweight (106 g), and DL 24mm lens.

2. The total weight includes the Ronin 4D 6K Combo, Ronin 4D Video Transmitter, PROSSD Mount, PROSSD 1TB, and DL 24mm lens.