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Take a Closer Look

  • Optimized for mass production

    Developed over two years, Livox is the first automotive-grade lidar by the Livox team designed for the smart assisted driving segment.

  • Mass production is the mission

    Fully automated assembly lines that produce up to 200,000 lidars.

  • Detection range of 150 m

    The detection range is increased to 150 m, so that remote obstacles can be detected much earlier while on highways and urban roads.

  • Horizontal FOV of 120°

    An ultra point cloud FOV that enables easier navigation of challenging road conditions, such as cut-in vehicles and turning at crossroads.

  • High point cloud density

    With a resolution of 0.18°*0.23°, users can accurately sense the environment and detect small, far objects: pedestrians, bicycles, traffic cones.

In the Box

  • Livox HAP (T1)

    Livox HAP (T1)

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