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  • Small but Mighty

    Its portable size is ideal for mobile robots for their navigation, obstacle avoidance and other advanced sensing needs.

  • Ultra-wide 360° FOV

    With a larger horizontal and vertical FOV of 360° and 59°, the LiDAR creates extensive point cloud data to help robots make better decisions.

  • Improved indoor sensing

    Upgraded with 3D sensing, the Mid-360 captures comprehensive features of the environment to enable autonomous mapping and localization.

  • Versatile for outdoor uses

    Assists mobile robots in navigation, obstacle avoidance, and even classification of detected objects, fully unlocking their potential.

  • Applications

In the Box

  • Livox Mid-360

    Livox Mid-360

    × 1

  • Optical Window Cleaning Cloth

    Optical Window Cleaning Cloth

    × 1

  • L-Shaped Hex Screwdriver

    L-Shaped Hex Screwdriver

    × 1

  • M3 Screws Package

    M3 Screws Package

    × 1